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How to open FAC

Fac is a company that is responsible for manufacturing hardware material, in addition to designing and creating security systems, among which we find: domestic and professional safes, bolts, locks, cylinders, padlocks, cabinets, among others.

For each of these systems there are different techniques that we can implement when we need to open them without having the key, password, etc. So, if you are having trouble with any of these security systems, then we bring certain recommendations of how to open FAC.

Among these recommendations we can find methods that do not cause harm and destructive methods. You can choose the one that suits you best.

How to open FAC padlock

Padlocks are useful when you want to provide security or protect boxes, chains, gates. These consist of a lock system made up of an arch that fits into the body of the padlock, requiring a key to be inserted through the keyhole to open it; the keyhole is usually at the bottom of the padlock.

Bypass method

If we have a simple or basic padlock, it is possible to apply this method due to the simplicity of its internal structure, which is not possible to implement in padlocks with higher security levels. We dare say that it is one of the easiest procedures we can find.

  1. It consists of using a thin membrane; This should contain flexible but strong features, such as an aluminum foil.
  2. We must give it a curved shape according to the arc surface.
  3. We will push it into the padlock through this area.

What we want is to move the bolt that keeps the bow closed, when they stop making contact, the bolt will release the bow and open the padlock.

A common source of membranes for this method is cans, they can be soda or paint. We take the can and cut a piece, to later carry out the indicated method.

Shear method

Among the destructive methods we have the shear method; which is a tool used to cut by means of its sharp pliers and the application of pressure. To carry out this method, two aspects must be taken into account:

  • The type of lock that we want to open.
  • The shear that we are going to use.

Based on the padlock, we fix our gaze on the arch, taking into account the manufacturing material and its thickness. With regard to the shear, we will highlight its quality and cutting capacity, the greater the cutting capacity the greater our ability to cut the padlock arch.

The most vulnerable area on a lock is its shackle, not only because it is the thinnest area, but also because it is the part of the lock that does the work.

That is why the arch is the area where this method directly attacks, which is why it is not only very simple, but also efficient. And that’s in large part because we’ll just take the shear and cut at any point in the arc.

However, this is a technique that is not taken much into account when you want to open a lock, probably because it makes it useless.

How to open lock

Locks are one of the most common security systems that we can find, whether on doors, bars or gates of our home. So as it is likely that one will fail you, given constant use, we show you some methods to open them.

Bottle method

Common problems must be solved in a common way; a solution to such a problem must be done with a similar tool. In this case, we have the bottle method, for its application we need a plastic bottle and a scissors, knife or tool with which we can cut the bottle.

  1. We will take the scissors or tool that we have available and cut a triangular piece from the bottle. This piece can have a size between about 7 to 8 centimeters.
  2. For its implementation, we take the plastic piece, insert it through the slot that we find between the frame and the door, inserting the tip of the piece between the latch and the frame.
  3. We apply pressure, forcing the system so that the plastic piece slides between them. At this time we place our body against the door to facilitate the latch movement.
  4. As soon as this action is achieved, we will turn the knob to open the door.

Drill method

For locks we can take the drilling technique as a destructive method. For its application we will need a drill, a bit and a flat-head screwdriver.

  • What we will do is place the bit in the drill and make sure it is tight. The bit does not necessarily have to be thick, as we need to drill the center of the keyhole in order to destroy the internal mechanism

We need the drill to drill completely to certify a good efficiency in the procedure.

  • When we have achieved this step, we insert the flat-head screwdriver to definitively unlock the mechanism.
  • To finish, we turn the knob to open the lock.

How to open a safe

There are few methods that we can find to open a safe without causing damage, because these boxes are created in order to make it difficult for them to be opened improperly.

Combination method

The most used method to open a safe without damage and we could say that the most complicated of all those that can be applied, is the combination. For this we will not need any tools, although if we have a stethoscope, the job will be a little easier.

The procedure consists of manipulating the combination wheel and gradually detecting the numbers that make it up. We can achieve this by identifying the sound emitted by the internal wheels when passing through the indicated number.

At that moment, they emit a double “click” sound, which must be detected by our ear; For this reason, the use of a stethoscope can be very useful in this task. Leaving the rest of the work to the patience and skills that we can have.



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