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How to open locked doors

A locked door is a great annoyance, because it prevents us from being able to move smoothly in a place, we can find ourselves with locked doors in our house or in our car. We must resolve these circumstances immediately, depending on the case.

For example, some doors lock momentarily and with a push we can open them. Generally, we do not pay attention to this type of doors and we avoid repairing or replacing them until they become a real problem when they permanently jam, preventing us from entering.

Another case occurs when the door locks from one moment to the next and we cannot think of any way to unlock it. It is there where we appear with this article and we show you several techniques on how to open locked doors.

Doors locked at home

The doors of the home tend to lock on some occasions, it may be due to mechanical problems in the lock, the door is not adjusted or due to environmental problems. To deal with these situations we can apply the following recommendations:

Lock problems

If when trying to turn the key, it does not move, we can start by checking the key; confirm that it is the correct key, if the key teeth are in good condition. In the event that we do not have problems with the key, we can turn the knob or handle while turning the key. The correct way to do this is by turning one of these after the other and vice versa, to try to unlock the lock.
If we do not get a solution, no We must keep trying to open the lock with the key. We must avoid forcing it to open because it could break inside the lock and thus definitely complicate the process of unlocking the door.

Lubricate the lock

If the problem is the internal mechanism of the lock that is stuck, we can lubricate it. How? With a little graphite powder that we can buy in specialized physical stores and online. The powder is contained in a container with a suitable presentation to be inserted into the keyhole and moisten the interior when dry.

Of course, if the problem is lubrication, there is probably no time to buy a bottle of this lubricant, but we can make it by scratching a graphite pencil, as you might expect. Also, it is a cheap way to unlock the lock and we just need to follow these steps:

  • Take a pencil sharpener and insert the pencil. Twist as many times as necessary to wear down the pencil and get the graphite. This should preferably occur on top of a sheet of paper.
  • The next thing is to separate the wood chips from the graphite powder. With a straw, collect the graphite and add it to the keyhole.
  • The procedure is carried out until it is considered that there is enough dust inside the lock.
  • Finally, the key is inserted and moved from side to side to distribute the graphite well and unlock the lock.

Unlock the latch

Now if what we have obtained is a second unsuccessful attempt, we can try to unlock the latch with a knife.

  • We will insert the knife into the gap between the frame and the door (the latch is located there). We must interpose the knife between the latch and the frame, pressing and tilting the knife as a lever to make the latch go back.

Misadjusted door

It is important to note that in order to adjust a door, it must already be open. So this process must be done after applying the previous methods.

  • We will start by looking for a wooden block. We must close the door a little and verify which side of it is uneven; whether it is the top or bottom.
  • If we find that the upper part is uneven, we will place the wooden block in the lower part and vice versa.

The block must be placed between the frame and the door, and then close the door by pressing it against the block, verifying the state and severity of the mismatch.

We must also adjust the hinges and check the position of the bolt; If it is out of place, we will hit it with a hammer until it fits correctly, without exceeding the applied force.

Door stuck due to water retention

Excess humidity in the environment can also lock doors, because this humidity allows water to be stored in the wood, making it occupy more space, pressing the frame against the door.

We can solve this problem by connecting a dehumidifier near the door, leaving it lit enough to pick up the water found in the environment. Another option we have is to connect a fan for a certain time to dry the door.

Locked car door

When we find ourselves inside a car with the door locked, we can try several options before applying a method of force to open the door. For example, we must check if all the doors have been locked, if a detachment of the handle occurred or if the lock was simply damaged and we cannot remove it.

In all cases, the ideal is to work from comfort, so it is best to check that the rest of the doors are not locked, exit through one of them and try opening from the outside with the key. If it doesn’t open, apply these techniques:

Lubricate lock

As we have explained in the locked house lock, we will lubricate the lock with graphite powder. There is no difference in the application, we will obtain the graphite powder by buying it or extracting it from a pencil.

The graphite powder will help reduce friction on the lock mechanism. So if it exists some piece that cannot slide By lubrication, the powder will solve this situation.

Once the graphite powder has been applied, we open and close the lock using the key so that the graphite is spread throughout the area.

We understand that a locked door is a real headache. It is a situation that makes us lose patience and despair of not being able to move forward. If you think the task of opening it is too difficult, ask a locksmith for help.

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