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How to open stuck doors

Sometimes we find that one of the doors we have at home jams for no apparent reason. But what you don’t know is that there are many factors that influence this to happen; the most common is the poor condition of the lock.

Rust, wear, dislodged door, crooked frame, disconnected hinges or simple general deterioration are the causing you to have to pass for this bad time. But the important thing is that you know how to open stuck doors.

The alternatives are at your fingertips. By just spending a little time to learn about the methods or techniques that you can use, you will be able to open the door without any problem.

Identify the type of door lock

First you must identify the type of lock that the door has, although it may not seem like it, it is a very important detail, since it allows us to find exactly the reason for the jam. Interior doors, for example, often have center push button or twist lock type locks with a center handle.

However, the exterior ones are more complex because they offer maximum security, in addition to the fact that the doors are generally made of iron.

Solutions to open stuck doors

Now we will give an instructive review of the solutions, which you surely have at your fingertips, to unblock the doors. Even if you don’t make it on the first few tries, don’t be discouraged, each test allows you to perfect your technique.

Opening a lock stuck with excess rust

We all know what this harmful substance looks like, leaving metal tools in a deplorable state. In addition, its smell is unmistakable. How to know if the door got stuck due to rust in the lock?

  • The first step in identifying this is to insert the key and turn. If you feel that the key turns with great difficulty and that the knob locks, in addition to making noises every time you try to open, it is because, yes, it is full of rust.
  • You proceed to apply a little lubricant of the type of spray or graphite powder, since it is the most ideal. Common oils are not recommended, they tend to collect dust and impurities that cause more damage in the long run.

This will make the barriers that prevent the normal sliding of the locks move without major inconvenience.

Doors stuck by rust on hinges

The hinges are those metal or plastic sheets that are located on one side of the door, and whose mechanism is what allows mobility between the frame and the door, allowing us to open or close it.

A problem in this specific area is very easy to identify, because simply by turning the knob of the lock and making it move smoothly, but even so the door does not open, it is very likely that we are facing a case of rust on the hinges.

In these cases, common oils such as edible, coconut, almond or car lubricant and graphite spray do work. So just by applying a little bit to the pegs, and making open and close motions repeatedly, the door will open.

In case the problem continues, and having the security of knowing what it is, the hinges must be disassembled with the most suitable tools.

Doors jammed by deterioration

Wear on locks is more common than we think. Mainly because, over the years, the parts that make the internal mechanism work end up diverting, resulting in a stuck door.

To fix this, you can pick the lock using well-known techniques, such as using a credit card, a piece of hard plastic, an X-ray, or household utensils such as: knives, hairpins, or clips.

The objective is to try to move the latch so that it allows the door to open, passing the plastic through the slot that exists between the frame and the door lock, performing pushing movements that will work their magic.

Household tools are an efficient solution, as these long materials can reach very deep places. Just insert the element through the lock slot and make circular movements until you hear the sound that indicates that the door has already opened.

Open doors with crooked frames

It’s true that most stuck door problems are due to skewed or crooked frames, so the only solution is to try to open it with the key in the lock. And, the main thing is to exert a lot of force with small forceful blows in the forward direction

This should open it in a matter of minutes.

Doors jammed by detours or environmental factors

This type of jam normally occurs in wooden doors that are exposed to inclement environments that damage their quality. It is very important to remember the behavior of the door in previous days, to detail signs that indicate if we were faced with something like this: friction with the ground, swollen doors or humidity in them.

You ask yourself, how to fix it? It is complex, because brute force must be used in some points near the lock and the frame, which is risky for our physical integrity. Plus the door is likely to be damaged.

As a last option you can try to disassemble the lock or the door itself, using tools such as screwdrivers that fit the small screws in the locks. In some cases these have almost invisible screws in their structure, so you will have to do an exhaustive search.


  • The doors and their parts, like any object in our house, must be given proper care. Not mistreating them is essential to prevent them from deteriorating quickly.
  • Don’t forget to maintain the locks. Lubricating them is very important.
  • When trying to open a stuck door, don’t forget that personal safety comes first.
  • If you need it, do not hesitate to consult a professional locksmith.

Open a stuck Door How to:

Open a stuck Door How to

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