> How to open the door with a card

How to open the door with a card

Since locks generate security and protection for their users, there is no home, establishment or office that does not have these mechanisms on their doors. Let’s say that to protect objects valuable avoiding, among other things, that they can be stolen.

But it usually happens that we lose the key to a lock and then we have to maneuver to open that door. There are even more delicate cases such as someone being locked up. These episodes often alter our senses and lead us to desperately search for a solution.

That is why we have a solution that you can use in those moments where there is no time to wait for a professional and you have to act quickly. We will teach you how to open a door with a card, In addition, we will explain it in detail and in a simple way. With the best arrangement, it will take you just a few minutes!

Before starting you should know that the method is applicable only if we are outside the room, since what will allow us to open the lock is the way in which the latch was designed.

We must also be aware of the activity we are doing and take responsibility for our actions. It is clear that this method can only be done if you have an emergency or personal inconvenience. In case of wanting to rummage through someone else’s property, we must know that there are legal actions that penalize this type of act.

Choose the card

An important aspect to consider is the card that we are going to use. We must choose a large and flexible card, because if it is very small we will not be able to handle it well. On the other hand, if it is a very rigid card, it can break at the first effort.

Nor should we choose a card that is too flexible, since it must be able to push the latch that the lock has; this element is usually made of metal.

A credit or prepaid card can help us. Although it is possible that it will be damaged or spoiled, as we will subject it to some force, therefore, it is best to look for an old card.

Card handling

We will take the card vertically, holding it firmly, and before inserting it we must inspect the space between the door and the frame. Said slot must have a few millimeters to be able to maneuver because it is in that space by where are we going to insert the card.

For greater understanding we are going to list each step:

  1. We must insert the card into the gap between the door and the frame, a few inches above the lock. With about 10 centimeters will be enough, you can do it from a little higher if this makes you feel more comfortable.
  2. Once the card has been inserted, we will slide it vertically between the door and the frame, making a downward movement.
  3. We will begin to make a slight pressure when approaching the latch; which is the metal piece that is part of the lock that allows you to keep the door closed.
  4. This area of ​​the lock is also called a slip, due to its shape. This latch has a curvature that slides through a plate that has been adjusted in the door to enter a hole that prevents the door from being opened.

Perform a lever movement

When we have reached the area where the latch is located, we must increase the pressure a little and perform a lever movement. We do this by tilting the card in the opposite direction, that is, it must be tilted towards where the lock is located, and this movement will cause the slip to move from its position and slide on the card.

We have the option of helping ourselves by pushing the door back with our free hand, or by supporting our body towards the door. This will cause the door to tilt slightly and the latch may have more movement.

If the first attempt we have not succeeded, it is good to turn the handle at the moment that we carry out the lever movement. We can do all three movements at the same time; move the card, push the door and turn the handle, so we can have greater efficiency. And, when we find the indicated position, the lock will open.


  • If we find ourselves in an emergency or at a delicate moment, we must not lose control. On the contrary, we must remain calm and not despair. Only then can we think clearly and act precisely.
  • Before activating the card method, check if the door is locked, if it is not, the technique will work.
  • Always have a copy of the keys insured. Both inside and outside the house. Whether buried in the garden, in a pot or anywhere else.
  • Check if we can enter through a window, or through any other space.
  • If the latch is stuck, it can be lubricated. This will make it easier to move and the door will certainly open.
  • If the card we are using is very rigid and cannot bend with the slip, we can look for a more flexible card that can be slid through the curved part of the lock.
  • In case we have a lock that is not totally curved in the latch, but rather has a chased shape, we will place the card in the recommended space (between the door and the frame) exactly where the latch is located, we will apply a greater force accompanied by a lever movement of greater intensity.
  • As a last recommendation, be careful with the keys. It is essential to place them in safe places, and have copies on a second key ring, so we will save a lot of trouble.

Every lock has a weak point, and knowing it is essential to face this type of inconvenience. It is also important to understand our level of security and thus apply a joint method that keeps us really safe.

It is not impossible to open a closed lock, but we must respect the space of third parties. So apply this method only when your door is closed.



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