> How to open the door with an X-ray

How to open the door with an X-ray

Who, at some point in their life, has not left the keys inside the house, or has lost them? And if there is no one else at home … terrible panorama, you stay in the street! Some have to wait outside until someone shows up. But when you live alone or it is an emergency, it is not worth the wait. You have to solve!

The good thing is that there are ways to enter, you may not know them, but they exist. Some of them may surprise you or sound a little strange to you, like the one used in an X-ray. How to open the door with an x-ray?

This technique, even though it may be strange, is effective and is also used by the same experts. You may wonder, why do professionals put this method to use? What happens is that radiography has its advantages:

  • Due to its flexibility, it allows you to reach spaces where other tools cannot.
  • It does not cause risks for the security of the lock, much less for the door. Unlike other methods that are more violent.
  • It does not represent a danger to those who manipulate it.

However, nothing is perfect and there are cases where we cannot open the door with an X-ray. How do you know?

How to know if you can open the door with an x-ray

The procedure will depend on whether the door involved allows the process, and the doors that can be opened with the X-ray are:

  • Those where the key is not inside and has been turned. That is, being without insurance.

On the other hand, they cannot be opened when:

  • The door has a past lock, or if the lock is damaged.

Opening a door with an x-ray

If you know the card technique, you will know that using the X-ray to open the door is like using a credit card. Only the x-ray is a lot more flexible and you can have the length you require for the job.

The dynamics of this technique is as follows:

  • You insert the X-ray film into the space between the frame and the door, approximately 20 centimeters, either at the top or below the lock.
  • Make sure that at least half of the sheet is snug in the gap.
  • Pass the sheet with great force and security towards the lock.
  • The intention is to glue the latch or latch of the lock with the foil. That is, remove it from the strike, so you have to make strong and precise movements.
  • By doing all the above procedures, the door ends up opening.

It may not open on the first try, but nothing happens, you just need to be patient. Try it as many times as necessary to achieve the goal. The trick to all of this is to move the foil with a lot of pressure and precision.

Tricks to open doors with X-ray

  • It is advisable to put a little lubricant or three-in-one oil, both on the frame and latch and on the sheet to facilitate the sliding of the radiograph. If you cannot reach the latch with the tip of the container, you can use a straw.

Remember not to overdo it, excess lubricant can complicate the procedure of this technique.

  • The more force you generate when you slide the sheet, the more chances of opening the door. But be careful, set limits because you could break the X-ray or damage it so that it would be impossible to continue using it. You have to apply force, but without excess.
  • To make the procedure faster, you should give the door a shake as you slide the sheet up and down.

Preferably move it in and out to make room for the X-ray and prevent the latch from sticking to the edges of the strike.

  • If you are trying to open a doorknob door, turn it back and forth so that the latch jiggles and makes it easier for the x-ray to enter the strike.

Sure, the movement of the knob must be done in conjunction with the movement of the radiograph so that the radiograph takes advantage of the jerks of the latch and is inserted.

Considerations for opening a lock with radiography

If this is the first time you do this procedure, it may be a bit more complicated. Take the time to practice a couple of times and follow the instructions exactly.

  • You have to be cautious. Keep in mind that performing this technique in an abrupt and uncontrolled manner can cause damage to the X-ray, more than to the door or the lock.

So use an old X-ray, which you will not need at any time, because the least that can happen is that it is scratched. But above all do not forget to remain calm, be very patient and do the job in the right way. This will allow you solve your problem with the door in the blink of an eye without causing any harm.

  • If after so many attempts and generating so much force, you do not achieve the result you want, do not lose your head; breathe and take it easy. You can always call a locksmith, so if you can’t do it yourself, calling a professional could solve your problem immediately. }

Opening doors with X-rays is convenient because

  • It is a technique that does not produce any type of risk. So you can feel safe while you are doing it.
  • They are flexible and resistant sheets that can go through the angle of certain doors.
  • Due to their flexibility, they reach areas that tools such as knives, screwdrivers, paper clips or wires cannot.
  • They are easy to obtain.
  • They are inexpensive and do not represent an additional expense such as an Allen key, a bumping, etc.
  • It is a simple method to apply.

So if your door is locked and you don’t have keys, don’t keep waiting for someone to come to your aid. Find an X-ray, use it whole, or cut it to the size and shape you require. Insert it into the door slot, reach for the latch and off you go!

Do not use this technique on doors and locks that you do not own or at least have the approval of the owner. It is illegal to perform any theft, robbery, or break into on someone else’s property by force or improperly and you can get in trouble with the law.

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