> How to open the front door with a card

How to open the front door with a card

Most doors offer the necessary protection to make us feel comfortable in the safety of our home. But sometimes, inevitable accidents happen that make us forget the keys within these spaces.

Therefore, we want to share with you some techniques of cHow to open the front door with a card, as some of them are easy to open. However, keep in mind that this ability only works on doors with a single knob lock and spring latch, or with a slanted edge.

We understand that in these desperate moments several methods can be considered; That may well be efficient, such as using a drill, strong iron, or smashing frames. But all of these eventually cause damage to locks or door frames and it is something we want to avoid at all costs. In this case, the simplest alternative is that causing the least possible damage to the door and lock. That is why opening the door of the house with a card is one of the best options.

Open the door of the house with a card

Opening the door with a card is not a complicated task to do, but you will need a lot of patience, because finding the exact opening point can take a long time if you do not have the necessary skill. And, you probably don’t have it, because for that you would have to have been through this many times. It must be taken into account how important it is that the lock does not have the key passed or thrown. Because this complicates the task of the card, which makes it likely that you will have to apply another method.

Step 1: choose a large and manageable card

Today we have countless options available to us. A credit card, for example, can be useful, although it is possible that with the efforts you can end up spoiling it. That is why it is best that you look between several alternatives; like any other plastic card or laminated card.

Let’s not forget that the card must be large and flexible. But the important thing is that it must be strong enough to resist the push that will be made in what is a metal latch.

Step 2: pass the card into the vertical slit between the door and the frame

The frame is the part that has the hole in which the latch of the lock rests, it is literally the edge of wood or metal that frames the door. It is between the frame and the door itself where we must place the card.

  • Insert the card as far as you can at a ninety-degree angle to the door. This will make it easier for you to appreciate the location of the hole for the latch.
  • Push the door back as far as you can with your other hand.
  • Tilt the card so that the side closest to you almost makes contact with the doorknob.
  • Push it in until you feel it slip a bit. This will position the card to open the latch.

Step 3: arch the card in an opposite path

You may wonder: what is this for? This will cause the card to slide under the curved part of the lock, forcing the latch back into the lock. In this part you must be very fast and agile to quickly open the door. Support your entire body weight on the door as you do so, as this will help you snap it open. Another option is to continue to wrestle the door with back and forth motions while moving the card until you find the position that opens it.

Recommendations to open the front door with a card

We can offer you some very useful tips that will make your work easier when opening a door with a card:

  • You can apply a lubricating cream or oil to the edge of the door. It will help you slide the card more easily and quickly.
  • If you are positioned on the side of the door where the lock is not curved, the most practical way to open it is by sliding the card from top to bottom. You will also have to push the card almost all the way to get the curved side of the door lock. In this part it is important to remember to push as hard as possible.
  • You already know that, if we are talking about an exterior door with an additional dead bolt, the bolt cannot be opened with a card, no matter how large or resistant it may be, since this will require drilling or forcing it.
  • On the other hand, most doors come with a special tab that sticks next to the latch, this is to increase security, since they prevent the locks from being forced by strangers. If you can get this piece to fall off, it means that the door was not installed properly and therefore this method will work.
  • An alternative technique is to press the card between the door and the frame, then push and pull the knob while applying force to the card. As a result, you will be able to open the door, but with more time and obvious damage to the card.
  • Some doors open practically by themselves, so you can open them by simply sliding the card into the door frame at the same height as the knob. Without tipping over and without bending the card.

Many methods of opening the doors can damage the lock because they involve force. This is why the best recommendation is to be careful and try not to forget the keys.

As a precaution, you can leave a copy with a trusted person that you can go to in a pinch, or place it in a secret place near the door, although this is not highly recommended, in case there are glances.

With this method you lose nothing by trying and if you see that you are not able to open the door, you will have no better option than to call a locksmith.

How to Open a Door with a CREDIT CARD

How to Open a Door with a CREDIT CARD

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