> How to remove a split key from a lock

How to remove a split key from a lock

Breaking a key inside the lock is, one of the most common locksmith accidents. These can be generated by multiple reasons such as the key is in bad condition, the cylinder is dirty or the lock is not have had maintenance in a long time and, it forces us to use great force to turn the key.

Whatever the case, breaking the key is a really distressing situation, because we will not be able to enter the venue
in which we find ourselves. It may be the case that the broken key is the only copy that we have or have a spare, but we still cannot use it because the broken one is still inside the lock.

Luckily they exist various techniques with which you can remove the piece of key from your lock, without causing harm. So you will not only solve the problem, but also; You’ll save yourself a good deal of money on replacing parts or calling in a professional.

Previous considerations: Before removing the key

You should know that there are several ways in which you will be able to solve and get out of the problem. Although the methods are relatively simple to perform, they require a lot of work and patience; so it is advisable that you be calm while doing each step. In case you are not a very patient person, the most advisable thing would be call a professional locksmith; this way you will avoid damaging the lock by trying to finish faster.

On the other hand, in case you decide to hire a professional, you should make sure that this offer quality work
and that guarantees you the best alternative. It is very common to see unqualified people doing this type of work and instead of solving the problem, they finish it complicating more. This situation would make you lose twice as much money, so it is the worst possible alternative.

Methods for removing a split key from a lock

Before starting, you need to do an appraisal of the status of the key to determine which methods you can or cannot apply, as the case may be. If you can easily see a piece of the key inside the lock, it is a good sign; as they increase the chances of success.

Next, we will provide you with some techniques with which you can solve this problem:

Previous step: Spray some special synthetic lock lubricant on the cylinder. The idea is not to fill the cavity with lubricant, but enough to make the key slide more easily. This step should be done regardless of the method you use.

METHOD # 1: Remove the broken key with a magnet

This is the easiest method of removing a broken key. To start, place a magnet in front of the lock and pull it. If the image has enough power, it will attract the key towards it and it will practically come out by itself, thanks to the lubrication that you did previously.

METHOD # 2: Remove the broken key with fine pointed scissors

In the event that you manage to visualize a piece of the broken key, coming out through the lock; what you will have to do is try to pull it out using fine pointed scissors. These tools are typically used by electricians, contractors, and locksmiths.

To begin, place one of the faces of the scissors on the side of the cylinder and take the key. Now, squeezing the handle very well; pull it out slowly to remove the key piece.

METHOD # 3: Remove the broken key with eyebrow tweezers

Thanks to their small size, these tools are perfect for pulling a key where we can see a piece coming out of the lock. You can use any type of tweezers, but those used by women to wax are usually the most practical.

This method works in the same way as the previous one, with the greased cylinder channel; proceed to pull the key little by little using the pints. Once you have a larger chunk out, you can finish pulling it with your hands or pliers.

METHOD # 4: Remove the broken key with a paper clip

After applying synthetic spray lubricant to the cylinder, get a paper clip and pliers. Using the latter, stretch the paperclip and bend a piece of the end to a 90 degree angle.

Now, insert the bent part of the lock and try to stick the key out very carefully. The idea is to bring it close enough to finish pulling it out using the pliers.

METHOD # 5: Remove the broken key with a wire

The effectiveness of this method will depend directly on the type of lock you have installed on your door. To use it, you will have to get a steel wire that can enter through the keyhole.

At the opposite end of the broken key, that is, the side that is empty; insert the wire and try to get to where the tip of the key is. The idea is to push it using the wire, until it falls or sticks out enough to finish pulling it out with pliers.

METHOD # 6: Drill out the broken key

By executing this method, you run the risk of permanently damaging the cylinder. So you will have to take the proper precautions if the lock is in an outdoor space.


  • Drill.
  • 1.5mm or 2mm drill bit.
  • Fine point scissors or pliers.
  • Synthetic lubricant.

Put another small amount of lubricant in the keyhole and using the drill, begin to drill a small hole in the center of the broken key. Then use the scissors or pliers to remove the key from the lock. The idea is that the hole allows to pry, for what the remnant would eventually come out.

If you have not been successful
carrying out the 6 previous methods or, that you have no intention of executing # 6 so as not to damage your lock; The best will be finally contact a locksmith. This professional will be able to give you the solution that you have been looking for so much in just a matter of minutes.

On the other hand, for prevent this type of accident; the best is do maintenance to our locks periodically and keep abreast of the state of our keys.

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