> How to remove the door handle with latch

How to remove the door handle with latch

Generally, latch handles are usually installed on interior doors of homes or offices. This is because they have convenient and beneficial features, such as the ability to open a door by simply operating the handle or to close it simply by turning the latch. Its simplicity is perfect for when we need a minimum degree of security or privacy.

In most cases, owners tend to leave the same interior handles for decades; but there are certain moments when it is necessary to change them, for example: if the handle does not open or close correctly, if it has deteriorated, if it has gone out of style, if it gets stuck or if after an accident the knob has detached from its base.

On the other hand, it is also the case that we seek to have more privacy. For this, the best solution will be to install a handle on our door with a latch; which we can operate from inside the room whenever we want. But, if the problem is rather mechanical, it is most likely that the internal mechanism has some damage; in this case it is best to remove the door handle to change it.

Next, we will show you the step by step to disassemble a door handle with a latch and how to change the internal mechanism of the same. With both solutions you will be able to solve the problem like a professional. Let’s not wait any longer and let’s get started!

Previous Considerations: The Price of a Locksmith

Like any competent professional, a locksmith has the skills, experiences, and tools necessary to complete any locksmith job in record time. The problem is that experience has a high cost and although disassembling a handle is a fairly simple task, the fee for doing the work is still high.

The average fee for removing a latch door handle is typically around € 80. Because the vast majority of these jobs are at home and performed by qualified people. This is why it is such a brilliant idea, to learn how to do these little jobs on our own.

Step by step: How to remove a latch door handle

This task is quite simple to perform, so you will only have to read each step in detail and execute them exactly. Take into consideration taking your time and not doing it to the races; because although it is easy, you could make a mistake that makes all the work difficult.


  • Screwdriver (blade or groove, as the case may be).
  • New latch handle.
  • Medium grit sandpaper.
  • Repair putty (if necessary).
  • Paint the same color as the door (if necessary).

Step 1: To begin, we will remove the lag screws that hold the handle to the door using the screwdriver. In case the handle of your home is fixed with rivets, you will have to remove them very carefully using a drill with a small metal bit. Then, remove the handle and the trims that were attached.

Step 2: Now, remove the stem that joins both parts of the handle. If the new lock model fits the old box, it will not be necessary to remove it. If not, proceed to extract it for replacement.

Step 3: Make sure the size of the surface of the new trims, if they are larger than the previous model, you will not have any problem and you can leave the door as it was. If not, you will have to even the door by placing repair putty on the surface, smoothing it until it is perfect. Pay special attention to the areas where there are cracks; If necessary, apply a layer and let it dry, then place another.

Step 4: Once the putty has dried, you will slowly sand the surface until it is even; For this you will use a medium grit sandpaper. Then, clean up any residue and paint the repaired area with a paint of the same color as the background. What we are looking for is that the area matches the rest of the door. For a better finish, we recommend painting with a small foam roller.

Step 5: After the paint is perfectly dry, we will place the stem and the new latch handle. After correctly fixing the lag screws, we will place the trims and we will have finished our work.

Step by step: How to change the internal mechanism of a handle

If, after removing the handle, you have realized that the problem is mechanical; it is best to replace the interior mechanism so that it works properly again. For this you will need:


  • Screwdriver (blade or groove, as the case may be).
  • Lubricant oil.
  • Internal mechanism of the handle.

Step 1: To change the interior mechanism of the door, we will proceed to disassemble the handle using the screwdriver. After having removed both screws, we can remove the mechanism and the inner square of the handle.

Step 2: To avoid any incompatibility problem between the new mechanism and the handle, it is best to buy it with a sample of the old one. Take into consideration that for the passage doors, we must choose a mechanism that curves at the end.

Step 3: Before installing the new mechanism, be sure to turn the curved side in.

Step 4: Once we have the internal mechanism in place, we will lubricate with synthetic oil. Then, we will install the square and the handle piece using the chosen screwdriver. Once finished, we will have finished changing the interior mechanism of a handle.

Finally, you need to know that these tasks have an effectiveness rate of almost 100% due to their extreme simplicity. In case you have any doubt, do not hesitate to ask a locksmith or a locksmith shop, where they can advise you on which mechanisms are better.

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