> How to repair metal blinds

How to repair metal blinds

Blinds are one of the elements that bring the greatest benefits to homes; They not only fulfill decorative functions, but also isolate spaces from sunlight, high temperatures and give us privacy.

Blinds generally have fairly long service lives; Although the passage of time, prolonged use and material with which they are made, can cause them to deteriorate more often. This is one of the reasons why metal blinds are in greater demand in the market; since it is the material that has a higher level of durability.

If you came to this article because your metal blinds are starting to fail, you have nothing to worry about. The good news is that they can be repaired in simple steps and using few tools, you just need to follow our instructions to the letter and have a minimum of spare parts, as the case may be. By the time you finish the repair, your blinds will be in perfect condition again and you will have saved a ton of money.

Step by step: How to repair a metal blind

Most of the procedures that we will mention below can be easily performed at home without the need to invest in materials. However, there will be others where you will have to acquire either tapes or slats, in the event that the problem is found in them.

On the other hand, before setting out to fix your metal blinds, you need to identify what the problem is; Since if the fault is in the strings, you don’t need to change the motor.

How to change the rope or tape of a metal blind

Blind tapes are generally the most problematic items. Its most common fault is generated, when the tape prevents the blind from raising or lowering correctly; although it can also end up breaking due to wear and tear. To change the tape of a blind, follow these steps:

Step 1: Remove the lid from the box or drum, using a slotted or slotted screwdriver, as the case may be. Once discovered, he proceeds to place a nail on the collection mechanism; in this way we will fix the tape to be able to release the blind without difficulty.

Step 2: Now, release the tape at the bottom and remove the shade from above, pulling in your direction.

Step 3: Remove the old tape very carefully. Before doing so, you will have to make sure that the blind is securely fastened or else you could have a small accident.

Step 4: Proceed to hook the new tape. To do this, you will have to insert the metal tabs into the grooves on the shaft. Once you have them attached, put the lid back on the drum.

Step 5: Test by lowering and raising the blinds a couple of times. And voila, you have easily repaired the tape on your blinds.

How to repair broken slats on a metal shutter

Before proceeding to change the broken slats, you will have to purchase copies of the same model, material and size of those that are damaged. These can be found in specialized stores, online or in hardware stores. After purchasing them, follow these steps:

Step 1: Start by unscrewing the box from the shade. Once you have it uncovered, proceed to remove the blind from above, being careful to do any damage to it. We will do this step to avoid damaging any other slat or element of the blind.

Step 2: Now, unfold the entire shade onto a large, flat surface. Then, proceed to remove all the slats that are under the damaged one. In the event that there are several broken ones, you will have to reach the one that is higher.

Step 3: Once you have removed the broken slat, proceed to replace it with a new one; making sure that it is level, straight and properly seated. This last step will have to be done with great care or otherwise, the blind could present problems when you return it to its place.

Step 4: Insert the blind back into its track, to collect it by turning the shaft. Once stored, put the caps on and close the box.

Step 5: Check that it works correctly by lowering and raising the blind several times. If it works properly, you will have a like new blind.

How to fix a stuck metal blind

Before starting, it is essential that you know that if the blind is stuck, it should not be forced. Otherwise, the ribbon may break or the internal mechanism of the ribbon may be ruined. To repair a stuck blind, follow these steps:

Step 1: Using a flat or Phillips screwdriver, remove the cover from the shade box. Now, access the roller blind and observe each element looking for what can cause the jamming.

Step 2: In most cases, the problem is usually that a blind has moved from its usual place and this prevents it from going down the guide. If this is your case, all you have to do is snap the slat back into place.

Step 3: In case the binding is due to the tape, you will only have to stretch it or solve the problem.

Step 4: Once finished, put the lid back on the box and close it. Check that the blind goes up and down perfectly.

How to Repair the Pickup Flange on a Metal Shade

In the event that the blind lowers by itself and does not stay in one position, what can happen is that the mechanism that fixes the blind has broken. To change it, you will have to:

Step 1: Carefully open the dustpan on the wall. Inside it, you will find a small tab or shovel; The function of this element is to retain the blind tape when we lower it, raise it or set it at a certain height.

Step 2: Look at the pickup to make sure it is in good condition; paying special attention to whether the tape goes through a slot that has a tab on the lock.

Step 3: Once the tab is located, try to close it. In this way it will stick to the place where the tape passes and will prevent the blind from loosening itself.

Step 4: Close the dustpan again and check if the blind is working properly.

Putting our blinds to good use will help extend their useful life for many years to come; so it is essential to treat them carefully and regularly maintain them. We hope you have successfully solved your metal shutter problem.

DIY Fix Broken Blinds | By Us&Stuff Dad

DIY Fix Broken Blinds | By Us&Stuff Dad

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