> IEA Institute locksmith course

IEA Institute locksmith course.

Nowadays, more and more people are looking to achieve financial independence through a profession that allows them to be their own bosses. With this change in perspective, training centers that are dedicated to teaching courses according to market demand are also growing, with programs that offer quick job-based learning and little study time compared to traditional careers.

Among the most demanded trades in Argentina, locksmith stands out, for this reason there is a variety of locksmith courses, designed to offer theoretical and practical bases that allow students to dedicate themselves to it, either as employees or as freelancers.

The locksmith industry is large and covers many different areas, including the domestic and commercial markets. Locksmiths never stop working, and they often have a constant flow of work throughout the year. A person who has received professional and reputable locksmith training is always in demand for many reasons, such as constant occupation of residences, customers losing their keys, or systems getting locked show that there will always be a need for qualified locksmiths.

There are several options to carry out this training, in online or face-to-face modalities; although due to the type of study there are those who prefer to sign up for classes that require real practices. The offer of these centers or academies is quite wide in the city of Buenos Aires, with face-to-face and online systems, although most students consider the practice of real cases a necessity.

One of the centers recognized for offering a fairly complete and face-to-face program is the IEA Institute, with more than twenty-five years of experience in the teaching area. According to its mission, this center focuses on offering short careers that have certification and quick job opportunities.

Specifically, in the professional locksmith course, the school seeks to provide complete training for five months to students who should not have prior knowledge in the matter. Thus, it focuses on offering theoretical and practical knowledge about the activity, such as types of keys, how to assemble a lock, installation methods and opening of the different types of keys, key copier, tools necessary for the job.

For the classes, the institute is in charge of providing the student with guides and all the necessary material to carry out the assignments contemplated in the study program.

IEA institute locksmith course: Agenda

Specifically, the program is divided into four units:

First unit:

  • Tools for work
  • Different types of keys
  • Components and operation of locks
  • Picolo lock
  • Cylinder locks
  • How to repair cylinder locks

Second unity:

  • Caliber and its use
  • Combination change
  • Yale type copier machine
  • Double paddle locks
  • Lock Making Tools
  • Combination change

Third unit

  • Failures in double vane locks
  • Cylinder lock failures
  • Safe Chest Basics Unit
  • Safe Chest Basics
  • Cross or Tetra Lock Unit
  • How to make a key copy

Fourth Unit:

  • Cylinder replacement
  • Lock placement
  • Opening
  • Knob Lock Unit
  • Installation
  • Key copy

The study of this program helps the student with all the necessary tools to dedicate himself to the work of the locksmith, such as improving manual dexterity, mastery of mechanical and electronic gadgets, good communications, public relations and some carpentry skills.

All of the above, without a doubt, complete the perfect kit that any worker in the sector needs to consider themselves qualified and little by little, begin to serve hundreds of clients.

IEA institute locksmith course

Course duration: 4 months

Direction: South Zone: Av. Miter 2050, Avellaneda.

North Zone: Laprida 1245, Vicente Lopez.

West Zone: Av. Rivadavia 11444, Liniers.

Caballito: Malvinas Argentinas 344, Caballito.

Online Locksmith Course | How To Become a Locksmith

Online Locksmith Course | How To Become a Locksmith

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