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Tesa Assa Abloy motorized smart lock

It is one of the best smart locks manufactured by the manufacturer Tesa. Having passed many security tests and following their investigation, to be up to date with any vulnerabilities, to release updates in case a bug is found. They keep it as a good smart lock.

Tesa Assa Abloy Smart Lock

It is easy to install and offers convenience and safety. Without forgetting design.

When you install it on the door, you will only have to install the ENTR app for the virtual keys you need to open the lock when you need it.

This lock like all other smart locks is battery powered and cordless. The long-lasting battery will notify you when it needs to be recharged.

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Smart lock – ENTR

ENTR is one of the revolutionary smart security solutions that exist in the current market, which allows you to control a door from your Smartphone, tablet and other devices with Bluetooth.

ENTR is the easy installation in existing locks. Just remove the mechanical cylinder, insert the ENTR cylinder, and you can now say you have intelligently controlled access. It will be necessary the virtual keys which come with the ENTR App.

Do not worry, everything is very easy, it is made so that all people in a certain way can do it without problems.

How do I access my smart lock?

With ENTR from Tesa Assa Abloy choose how to control access to your home as you can do it in several ways.

  • Smartphone Phone
  • Remote control
  • With the fingerprint
  • With touch keyboard


ENTR is a device that is revolutionizing the home security industry.

The ENTR intelligent security device is composed of a main unit in which a cylinder is attached, the cylinder size will be up to us to choose which is the one that best suits our door.

ENTR is an intelligent security lock that provides greater security and access control.

In an automated way it gives access to the house offering greater comfort, this is allowed when installing the lock and just by changing the cylinder.

Simply by inserting the ENTR cylinder, having previously removed the mechanical cylinder. This automatically gives us access to the house in a controlled way, without any type of wiring or change or alteration of the shape of the door.

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[Inglés] ENTR, la cerradura de puerta inteligente de TESA / ASSA ABLOY – unboxing y revisión

[Inglés] ENTR, la cerradura de puerta inteligente de TESA / ASSA ABLOY – unboxing y revisión

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