> ITA Institute locksmith course in Rosario

ITA Institute locksmith course in Rosario

Locksmithing is a respectable profession with high income potential, when executed effectively. Depending on the area in which your services are offered, the presence of competitors, the number of hours worked, scope and focus, reputation and skill levels, it is possible to obtain interesting income from month to month.

But, to reach the previous level it is necessary to prepare in such a way that it is possible to master all the methods and tricks related to the profession. For this, there are many schools and academies that offer locksmith courses with varied programs, to make their students outstanding professionals in a sector where it is necessary to stand out.

Since locksmiths have access to people’s homes and their sensitive security-related information, good credentials such as certified training and years of experience are necessary to attract trust in the minds of customers and build a reputation. that is rewarded financially.

In addition, it is important to mention that the earning potential increases when technical skills and communication skills are demonstrated, conditions that can be easily met if the most suitable locksmith course training institution is chosen.

In Argentina there are many schools that handle locksmith courses in their academic offering, ranging from the most basic to the most complete, which are those that include the study of residential, security and automotive locksmithing.

As one of the main cities in the country, Rosario has a first class study center. The ITA Institute has twenty years of experience in training professionals in short careers and quick job opportunities, such as locksmith courses, certified by the Ministry of Education of the Province of Santa Fe.

This institute directs its training to a varied group of profiles, which can be of different gender and age, without previous experience. The ITA is responsible for providing a close training, guided by professionals focused on measuring the progress of students and strengthening the necessary practices to master the techniques that are required to know in locksmithing.

The ITA offer is based on a 5-month course with a monthly class, in which the different objectives in which its teaching program is structured are developed.

In addition to the face-to-face modality, courses are also offered to those students who wish to take the online or blended modality.

Among the advantages of ITA for training as a locksmith, its infrastructure stands out, since it is a 5000 square meter center, equipped with workshops with all the essential elements for the execution of the activities in this area in total comfort.

. Program

  • Study of the different types of locks.
  • Handling tools in the locksmith.
  • Study of locks with bonding.
  • Combinations and lock picks.
  • Elaboration of keys.
  • Drum breakdown.
  • Keys copying.
  • Works using lock picks.
  • Mastery of machines to make copies of keys.
  • Padlocks and their characteristics: Exploded view, combination change, opening.
  • Electric locks: installation and exploded view.
  • Knowledge of consortium locks and blindex.
  • Safes: exploded view, high security opening.
  • Automotive locks.
  • Computed locks.

Through the development of the study program proposed by the ITA Institute, students return trained to meet the demands of the jobs that locksmiths serve. This particular course covers all areas of locksmith therefore, future professionals can approach the labor field by offering various services within this area.

School: Institute ITA

Course duration: 5 months, classes once a week

Direction: Entre RĂ­os 2127 / San Lorenzo 3515, Rosario, Santa Fe

ITA Institute locksmith course in Rosario

Distance course with certification approved at Euroinnova

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