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Key copying machine

When wanting to duplicate a key, it is necessary to use a specialized machine. For this process a key copy machine whose only function is to recreate an exact copy of a certain key model which will be able to move the lock correctly to which the main key is associated.

Before the creation of the machines copiers of keys, the duplication was done manually. This procedure was generally inaccurate, which often caused the key copies to not work properly.

What is the history of the key duplicating machine?

The key duplicating machine was born in 1917 in the United States, which was capable of performing an almost perfect duplicate of keys planes of a metallic nature. Thanks to the versatility of this machine, its proliferation grew rapidly throughout the continent throughout the 20th century.

The father of this innovative machine was the expert Andrew Heldrich in Philadelphia, United States. But it was transferred to Philip Kovsky who specifically patented it on March 13, 1917.

Key Copy Machine Parts

This versatile machinery is composed of different pieces and essential parts for its correct operation, these can be broken down in the following list:

  • The cutter: these are cutting tools, which are used only to give the correct shape of the cut of the key that is being molded.
  • The four-sided jaws: These are responsible for allowing the key to be held by friction continuously throughout the process.
  • The jaw handle: allows you to loosen or tighten the keys.
  • The car: It is a movable base, which allows safe movement towards all other components.
  • The trolley handle: It is a device that allows to handle the precision of the trolley in question.
  • The folding stop: It is a mechanism to delimit the entire area in which you are going to work.
  • The probe: It is the one that runs along the profile of an original key, which allows you to correctly make a perfect duplicate of it
  • The switch on: It is in charge of turning the machine in question on and off.
  • The probe adjustment knob: It is the one in charge of adjusting the probe height.
  • The brush: It is used to file all the imperfections resulting from the process of copying the key.
  • The carriage advance handle: It is a device that allows managing the carriage direction when the key is copied.

Current key copying machines

Currently exist machines duplicators of keys all types. Among the best known is the Futura Pro, which is electronic and is used to duplicate flat, cross, security, residential and car keys. It is equipped with a double cutting station and its software is easy to use.

The Viper is a fully electric duplicating machine for duplicating car keys. The cut that this realizes is by means of a laser. On the other hand, the Matrix One, copies all kinds of keys in a much more precise way than the other named machines.

The key duplicating machines mentioned above are fully electronic, however there are also traditional key copying machines, in which the locksmith manually sculpts the metal to give it the most accurate shape possible of an original key.

How many copies of keys do we have to have?

It is extremely important that all the inhabitants of a home have a copy of the keys to their house, since it is unpleasant to go through the time of coming home tired after a hard day’s work and when looking for the keys they are not there, or worse still that there is no one at home to help them enter.

This can also happen in the office. Many people choose to keep the original keys at home or in a safe place and use the copies, since it is easier to replace a duplicate, than the original keys.

Get duplicate keys and where?

It should be noted that the best is remove duplicate keys in a locksmith where you have confidence with the owner, since many times there are people who take advantage of the situation to obtain a duplicate of keys for them and through these carry out their misdeeds.

Key copy machine
JMA key copying machine

JMA Multicode key copying machine


With the new MULTICODE, JMA offers you the professional all-in-one solution for your business. Its multifunctionality allows you to copy flat, security and automotive keys without changing machines. Learn about its power and speed to machine keys in a single pass and discover its latest technology, which incorporates a tablet and the JMAKEYPRO APP to make it easier for you to duplicate the entire JMA catalog and its equivalents.

MULTICODE is a model designed for those professionals who want to expand their key duplication business. Thanks to its compact size, it can be used in confined spaces and, due to its speed, it can produce a large number of keys to serve a growing number of customers.

Link to JMA MULTICODE Product



Futura Pro is the exclusive electronic duplicator, combining two cutting stations in one easy-to-use machine. It is ideal for inexperienced duplicators because of the fully software-guided procedures; This light and compact machine is also perfect for specialists, who offer a duplication service on site. Futura Pro, even faster and with better features, stands out for the quality of the cut, the small dimensions and the quick access to the most extensive database of keys in the world through the included tablet.


Speed 044 Video Key Duplication

Speed 044 Video Key Duplication

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