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Anti Squat Door Locks

When we talk about security for our workplaces or our homes, it is always good to consider the best options, an additional complement that helps us feel much more comfortable, such is the particular case of anti squat locks, which guarantee that our doors will not be tampered with by friends of others.

Ideally, consider the lock that gives us the best protection to make our spaces safe, therefore, the best guarantee we can have for our safety are the anti squat locks, specially designed to be invincible and prevent intruders from opening our doors.

How the anti squatting measures are started

The anti-squatting measures are born as a result of a social problem that occurred in Spain, generalized more than anything in large cities, due to the illegal occupation of homes, which costs the country an average of more than twenty million euros per year in costs derivatives to the legal owners of the homes.

For this reason, anti-squatting measures are today within the local and regional political landscape. Banking entities fight at all costs to avoid the illegal occupation of homes that have little external control, by agencies that do not take anti-squatter surveillance measures and constant monitoring of the home.

Currently, banks have taken more material and obvious measures to prevent the occupation of homes, which is why they have opted for anti-squatting measures, among which the most prominent are locks and anti-squatting doors to prevent the access to the property.

Anti Squat Locks The best option in security

If what you want is to have the best in security and guarantee provision on the market, anti squat locks are specifically designed to be impossible to open since they are integrated with high security and with the systems most used today.

These types of locks are impossible for thieves to manipulate, due to the location of the cylinder and the lock itself as it is hidden inside a steel box of approximately 3 mm inside the door. Preventing the intruder from opening the door with any key or with a strong blow.

What is special about these locks lies, not only in the concealment of the cylinder and the lock but also in their security bulbs, which have been designed to prevent illegal intrusion through any existing system, be it, bumping, extraction of the cylinder, use of lock picks and other methods used by intruders.

The anti squat locks they can avoid damage to the property, problems with the neighborhood and any other economic damage that is less tangible, such as depreciation in the value of the home or business premises. Installing a lock of this type may be the best security option.

Ensure the protection of your home or office with the latest anti squat locks

To ensure that anti-squat locks fulfill their function in an ideal wayThey must be installed by professionals and specialists in the field. Only the experts will be able to advise you on the option that best suits your needs, budget and the characteristics of your home or premises.

If in any case you have a home that is empty or, on the contrary, you are urged to be absent from your domicile for a long time, the best solution you can opt for is to place an anti squat lock that allows you to feel calm since you will not suffer any type of unwanted visit during your absence.

New technologies have contributed a wide variety of anti squat locks that can be incorporated into the doors and they will allow you to have the best to guarantee the protection you want in your properties. These new technologies have made it possible to change the meaning of locksmith today.

In this sense, doors and locks have evolved with technology, which has allowed the incorporation of new digital elements in their operation. Some of the most recent models even offer connectivity, allowing in this way to function connected to the internet.

Benefits of installing anti squat locks

As thefts in any place are becoming more frequent, it is necessary to have the best options that provide us with the greatest security. Such is the case of anti squat locks that with multiple functions offer a variety of benefits that make our properties safer places.

Among the main benefits that this type of locks can provide, we can mention the following:

  • They allow you to save money in the long term: As these types of locks are made of very solid materials, they provide great resistance to all kinds of external interventions without suffering serious damage. Allowing in this way a long-term useful life which guarantees great cost savings.
  • Restart without problems in cases of losing the keys: Sometimes it is possible that the keys to the doors of our home are lost, this will no longer be a problem, since these locks have a key reset that is only known by the owner. An advantage that will take away the headache of losing your keys.
  • Locks with electronic functionality: This is another type of locks with much demand today. They come with a software function that allows you to keep track of the keys that have been previously placed. Its electronic functionality makes it easy to enter our homes without the use of physical keys.
  • Highly guaranteed security: The most obvious thing is that security locks are one of the most effective tools to establish security in our homes. All the characteristics of the anti squat locks system work in order to provide and guarantee the best protection of our properties.

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