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Basic locksmith course at UTN Avellaneda

Security is a lucrative business and locksmiths offer a practical skill to help protect homes and businesses. To be part of this group of workers it is necessary to acquire the necessary tools and methods that allow facing any of the challenges of this trade and nothing better than doing it with a locksmith course.

Today there are many institutions or private locksmiths that offer their experience to practice this profession that, although it seems basic, covers many types of services such as residential, business and automotive with a constant rhythm of work.

While most courses do not need any pre-qualifications to get started, there are some attributes that help those who want to become a locksmith, such as an ability to understand mechanics and electronics, general DIY skills, an appreciation for detail when intricate procedures and an analytical and questioning mind are performed.

If you think that any of these skills suit your profile, then it is time to consider the training available in the different schools for it in Argentina.

Many schools or academies offer locksmith courses that vary between four and six months, in the online or face-to-face mode, although due to the type of trade it is common for the second method to be the most popular.

In general, the courses teach the techniques necessary to assemble or open common doors with different resources. Although there are some that also emphasize automotive or security, such as safes.

One of these locksmith courses is taught in Buenos Aires by professionals from the National Technological University (UTN) Avellaneda. Based on the information in the program, this course focuses on the concepts of basic locksmithing, which makes it ideal for those who want to have a notion of topic.

The UTN Avellaneda is characterized by being a teaching center for technical careers and with quick job opportunities. Along with the locksmith courses, other training is offered such as artisan jewelry, medical secretary, computer science, etc.

In the case of locksmith, the training focuses on opening doors, duplicating keys and the use of basic tools on the trade. Despite only addressing basic aspects, this course has a duration similar to that offered in most institutions with sixteen classes

This course provides students with the theoretical and practical materials necessary to develop the activity. Tools that are handled during the sessions include screwdrivers, chisels, hacksaws, mulgrips, bits, drills, tapes, measures, rulers, and locksmith-specific tools for cutting.

At the end of the course, students are expected to have the chance to get a quick job in an existing location or to start gathering their own customer base in a private way.

It should be noted that the investment made in most of the courses is usually recovered before the first month of work, since it is with small services or large jobs, it is a very well-paid job, taking into account the hours that are invested in the works.

As additional training or first study for the exit to the labor field, the locksmith represents an option, practically without cons. It is ideal for all those who are looking for a livelihood with a short career and which over the years has proven to be an indispensable service in any country.

School: UTN Avellaneda.

Course duration: 16 classes.

Direction: Av. Miter 750, Avellaneda.

Locksmith Training | Foundation Locksmith Training Course UK

Locksmith Training | Foundation Locksmith Training Course UK

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