> Locksmith manuals to download FREE and in PDF

Locksmith manuals to download FREE and in PDF

If you want to learn the art of locksmithing you can have several manuals to learn how to be a good locksmith.
Let’s start you can have manuals on how to open locks or handle safes, you can really do almost everything with these manuals.

1.CIA Lock Picking

Basic lock picking, the concepts behind lock picking, picking procedure, tool design, most common picking techniques, the lockpicking process.

There has been much opinion and… written on the subject of lock picking.
In this volume… not only the fundamental theories… terminology… the vast majority of standard pin and wafer tumbler locks.
First of all, lock picking must… which are commonly confused:
The first,… is picking (the act of carefully manipulating one pin… of duplicating the action… cut key in a given cylinder.
The second… is raking (the less specific act of taking a raking instrument… sequential fashion).

Download Locksmith manual FREE PDF

2.Corbin Russwin Cylinder Manual

Cylinders… The heart of our products.
A master key system is the «software» of a building’s security… architectural hardware.
Expertly designed systems… cylinders and… line of locksets… devices and door control… secure your property with a single source supplier.

How to use this manual, key classes, depth systems, master keying capacity, plug diameters, keys, key blanks, keywards and key sections, cylinder construction and combinating,
conventional, interchangeable core, old round interchangeable core, master ring, brink function, high security, hotel function, high security interchangeable core, padlocks, high security blockout function,
contruction master keying, pins, pin size comparisons, using colored pin kits and optional pins, pin kits, product line and contents, key bitting specs and pin lengths by key class, key blank cross reference,
bitting prefixes, cylinder parts and tools, glossary.

Download Locksmith manual FREE PDF

3.Operations Manual E-PLEX 5000 KABA Access control

States of the lock, factory mode, access mode, pushbutton programming mode, configuring the lock, program the access code length,…, modify the master user access code, set the date, set the time,…, program the lock for tamper,
user access codes (PINs),…, activate manager access code, de-activate all access, activate lockout mode, deactivate lockout mode.

States of the Lock
Factory mode

The factory mode is one of three primary states… The main characteristics of this state are… The master user must change the combination to be able to exit… and switch to the access mode.
Put lock in pushbutton programming mode. Program the lock for the duration, tamper time settings and buzzer volume.

A master or manager user can use the same… to open the door.

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4.Impressioning manual for amateur locksmiths

The purpose of this manual is to fill that void. While impressioning doesn’t share the glamor
attached to picking,… very effective tool for both amateur and professional locksmiths.


Practice locks, Blanks, Making the marks,…, Seeing the marks, Filing the marks, Some useful accessories, Short pins, Spool pins, Problems with blanks, Master key systems, Dirty locks, Disk tumbler locks1, Impressioning other types of locks.

Impressioning is a method of fitting a key to a lock without taking the lock apart… is how… A key blank is inserted into the lock,… turned to bind the pins… pins are binding, the key is wiggled
or moved to produce marks on the blank… a pin is at the shear line it will not bind, and no marking will occur. When marks are found, the places on the blank which have marks are then filed.
The marking and filing process is repeated… to produce a working key which raises… pins to the shear line,… opening the lock.
Although impressioning is… it does take some practice to… skill. Of course, the more you practice,… the easier it gets!

Download Locksmith manual FREE PDF

5.Mortice Guide

Colson BS 5 lever sashlock
keyway identification: red rough case… keyway meets the bottom of the case. The hard-plate… keyway. 7 gauge curtain that spins 360 degrees. Picking. If the bolt… this lock can be picked by putting… tension and using a standard pick wire.
Aronne + BS 5 lever deadlock
Red case with glossy finish… hard-plate curves… curtain wheel. Picking. 5 Gauge A’jam curtain wheel pick.
Union 5 lever (non BS)
keyway identification:… Picking. 5 gauge A’jam curtain wheel pick. Drilling points… 17mm up from keyway, 5mm away from the bolt.
ICL BS 6 lever deadlock
keyway identification: Dark blue case with a glossy finish… 5 gauge restricted keyway… Picking: Use a modified (for restricted keyway)… Drilling points: 20mm up from keyway, 14mm towards bolt.

Download Locksmith manual FREE PDF

6.PEAKS GLOBAL Technical manual Kaba


Peaks Global Brochure. Kaba Access Control. Terminology Used in This Manual. Resources. Patents. Competitive Patents. Key Blank Identification Number and Peaks Global Contracts. Kaba Peaks Global Quality.

Conventional Mortise Cylinders – 5401 Series. Mortise Cylinder Kits. Conventional Rim Cylinders – 5402 Series. Key-in-Knob Cylinders. Tools. Key-in-Knob Cylinders – 5400 Series. Padlocks – Key-in-Knob Cylinders.
Padlocks – Interchangeable Cores. Cabinet Locks and Specialty Applications. Small Format Interchangeable Cores (Capped) – 5800 Series. Small Format Interchangeable Cores (Spring Loaded) – 5900 Series. Large Format Interchangeable Cores for Corbin Russwin – 5140 Series.
Large Format Interchangeable Cores for Yale – 5240 Series. Large Format Interchangeable Cores for Medeco 32 – 5340 Series. Removable Cores for Schlage – 5440 Series. Removable Cores for Sargent – 5540 Series. Product Specifications and Testing Data.

Lubricating the Plug, Determining Node and Disc Positions, Installing blocking Pins, Discs and Fillers – Conventional Cylinders, Installing blocking Pins, Discs and Fillers – Interchangeable Cores, Inserting Peaks Patented Bottom Pins in Small Format Interchangeable Cores,
Cylinder Stamping, Marking, Lubrication & Tailpiece Installation, Key Bitting Specifications, Cutting Keys by Code, Duplication, Components for Pinning, Pin Lengths and Stack Heights, Pinning Conventional Cylinders, Pinning Interchangeable Cores, Calculating Small Format Interchangeable Cores – A2 System Pin Stacks,
Calculating Other A2 Pinning Stacks, A2 System Small Format Interchangeable Core Pinning Charts, Calculating Small Format Interchangeable Cores A4 Pinning Stacks, Calculating Other A4 Pinning Stacks, A4 System Small Format Interchangeable Cores Pinning chart.

Authorized Signature Card, Dealer Systems – Authorized Procedures, Adding / Deleting Names on the Signature Card for Factory Key Systems, Authorized Procedure, Writing the Key System Expansion Specification,
The Standard Key Coding System, Special Symbols, SKD Combinations – Non-master Keyed Cylinders, Designing Top Master Keys and Control Keys, The TMK Register.

Identifying the Manufacturer, Cylinder Removal Methods, Arrow Architectural Hardware, Corbin Russwin Architectural Hardware, Corbin Russwin, Falcon Lock Co, Marks USA, Sargent, Schlage Lock Co, Yale Security.

Download Locksmith manual FREE PDF


A shor history of the lock. Who invented the lock ?. Early American lock companies. A brief history of automobile locks in the United States. Tools of the trade. Electric drills. Cordless drills. Key cutting machines.
Workbench. Types of locks and keys. What is a lock. lock names. Lock grades. Key types. Key blank identification. Key blank examples. Look-alike keys. Neuter bows. Warded locks. Types. Contruction. Operation. Repair.
Warded keys. Lever tumbler locks. Operation. Repairs. Varieties of lever tumbler locks. Lever tumbler lock keys. Disassembly. Keying. Disc tumbler locks. Cam locks. Security. Reading disc tumbler locks. Pin tumbler locks.
Double-bitted disc tumbler locks. Assembly. Choosing a pin tumbler lockset. Pin tumbler cylinder mortise locks. The cylinder key. Key control. Lock and key patents. High-security mechanical locks. Types of high-security mechanical locks.
Coding systems. Masterkeying. Masterkeying warded locks. Masterkeying disc tumbler locks. Master key systems. A simple master key system. types of locks. Choosing the right equipment. Types of safes. Moving safes. Selling more safes.
Underwriters laboratories burglary safe standard. Underwriters laboratories fire safe ratings. Choosing a padlock. Helpful hints. Warded padlocks. Pin tumbler padlocks. Home and business services. Strike plates. Exit alarm locks and panic bar deadlocks.
Picking pin tumbler locks. Using a pick gun. Picking high-security cylinders. Servicing automotive locks. Vehicle identification numbers. trunk locks. Ignition locks. Transponders. Basics of automobile lock servicing. Opening locked cars.
car-opening techniques. Car-opening dispatch procedure. The long-reach tool. Cylinder removal. Office locks. Doors. Forced entry. Combination locks. Electrical access and exit control systems. Electric door openers. Electrified knob and mortise locks.
Working as a locksmith. Critical design factors. Making locks by hand. English iron rim lock. Key duplicating machines. The locksmith and the Law …

Download Locksmith manual FREE PDF

8.The National Locksmith Guide to: MANIPULATION

Safe lock identification. Principles of manipulation. Manipulation of a spring fence lock. Fixed drive pin locks. The sentry floor safe. Manipulation of a friction fence lock. The star push down manipulation resitant safe.
The straight in or direct entry fence. Vernier dial, an aid to manipulation. Parking, manipulation of a mosler 302. The safe lock amplifier.

The dial is the round disk that… The opening index is engraved on the dial ring… combination wheels to be placed… The combination must be dialed to… remove the lock cover and wheel pack. The spindle is the threaded rod…
The drive cam to be keyed to the spindle… The spindle tube, use primarily in fire… is used to maintain alignment of the lock… The drive cam is the metal disk… The spline key is a small flat… proper mechanical unit.
Drive pins are fixed on the drive cam… Flys are moving drive pins… numbers must be left between adjacent numbers of a combination… Key change wheel. Hole change wheel. Screw change wheel. The combination wheel is a …
Mesh or hand change wheel. The combination of this wheel is determined by the relative position of the… The combination gate is the notch in the edge… The fence is that portion of the lever that… The lever positions the…
The lock bolt is the bar which is extended… Driver. Wheel pack. Bolt. Wheel action …

Download Locksmith manual FREE PDF

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