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At this time we are going to know what a metal closureIt is a metal element that is used to close the entrance of our business or office. The metal closure It can be described as a curtain or blind that will be in charge of preventing access when it is closing the access passage.

The metal closures They are designed to close a certain space, offer protection at the entrance, it is used as a door and as a complement to it. They help us protect our space from intruders or thieves, who try to enter it.


What attributes do metal closures have?

  • They are highly classified as a highly resistant and safe product.
  • Made with polyester or cotton tape with double drawstring.
  • Works in demanding conditions
  • It has strength of its alloys
  • It stands out for the accuracy of its calibers.

By purchasing a metal closure We must know the exact measure of the space where it is going to be installed so that no type of setback occurs that could cause us to lose money and time. Ideally, an excellent job can be done in the shortest time possible.

Also, if what you want is a well-finished job, you can hire a professional locksmith to install the chosen lock and thus guarantee full security with a good protection of our space.




What are the advantages of metal closures?

By knowing the advantages of metal clasps We are going to realize that we are acquiring the best option in security protection for our business or home and in this way prevent friends from outside from entering our comfort zone.

  • They are resistant because they are made with the latest generation materials.
  • They have the capacity to withstand any climate change.
  • They have the best alloys in their manufacturing process.
  • They can hardly be forced.
  • There is a great variety in design and colors.
  • They are made with high quality materials

At night, businesses or offices are closed, so they are more exposed as it is the most strategic point to steal valuables, cash, among others. This is the reason for requiring protection of all the doors of our space with the metal clasps to avoid suffering setbacks due to theft.




Criminals manage to enter through the main doors to commit the act of theft of property, so we must hire professionals in installation of metal closures; They will always tell you about the change and timely maintenance so that you are always in optimal condition and have no failures at any time.

What models of metal closures are there on the market?

In the market there are a wide variety of models designed to meet the needs of each client and according to the requirements of the space where they are to be installed, that is why we show you a list of options to choose the one that best suits adjusts to the requirements of space security.

Roll-up closure:

It is a very simple type of closure. This will roll up when the closure is opened, it will unroll when we are going to close and thus it will not allow entry into the space.

Automatic metal closure:

This closure is very similar to the roll-up with the difference that it is done automatically. If for health reasons you cannot perform any type of force, this type of closure is the most indicated.

Aluminum closure:

It is roll-up and made of aluminum.

Blind closure:

This type of metal closure is capable of preventing the objects within the space from being viewed.

Shell closure:

This model of metal closure It is created with different bars and thicknesses and does not allow people to visualize what is inside the space.

Flat slat closure:

This type of closure is roll-up and is made with aluminum parts and has a steel tube.




Micro perforated metal closure:

This type of closure is similar to the blind closure, the entire space is visualized and is widely used because it provides a lot of security to our space.

Trolley type closure:

These offer a lot of safety, visibility, resistance and are very accessible to find on the market.

Scissor closure:

If we want to see the interior of our space, this model is ideal. And the opening can be central or lateral and it is a model that takes up little space.

Stainless steel clasp:

It is this type of closure is very similar to metal closure traditional the difference is that it has been made of stainless steel. You have to check its thickness to see if it is resistant to pressure or not.

Galvanized type closure:

This closure is the same as the traditional one, with the difference that it is made with a galvanized paint.

What should we take into account when buying a metal closure?

These closures must be adapted to the size of the space where we are going to install it in order to avoid setbacks so that it does not generate more expenses and so that it has an optimal operation. It is vitally important to choose the metal closure adequate and of good thickness to have the peace of mind that our space is well secured.

We must always think about the security of our spaces, therefore it is better to invest a little more in security to be able to enjoy the tranquility. Making a better investment guarantees us to have the best in security and thus minimize any probability of theft.

As we have seen in the market there are many types of metal clasps and to choose the most convenient one, you have to analyze the space to be able to see which is the design that best suits you, which gives more functionality and the materials to use but always taking into account which is the best that suits our needs.

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