> Open a safe by finding out the combination with a stethoscope

Open a safe by finding out the combination with a stethoscope

Opening a safe with a stethoscope

Safes are essential items for a company or a home. Locksmiths know it. In them we keep the most precious things we have, whether they are essential documents, cash, jewelry or priceless family memories.

When a safe is locked, it is probably best to call a locksmith so that they can open it without causing damage or damage to the interior. Each and every way, due to the fact that we know that this kind of service is often very expensive, we want to show you how to open a dial safe using a stethoscope.

Know how a safe works

1. First step: Learn how a safe works.

A dial safe has a circular dial in its lock that turns when you activate it. It has numbers that start from 0 and are to form the combination that will open the box. The number 0 points you to the top of the dial and the start of the numbers increases as you turn to the right.

Breaking a safe is very complicated, due to the fact that most of them come with a part of copper inside that does not allow the passage of heat, so it will take you a long time to do it, in addition to this if you use The procedure that we are going to explain will not spoil the interior or the box.

A safe inside the dial is composed of a spindle, a cam and some wheels that make that when turning the dial giving the appropriate combination of numbers or combinations, the box can be opened. The wheels on a safe are precisely proportional to the combination numbers on the safe. If a safe has 2 numbers in its combination, then it will have 2 wheels, if it has four numbers in its combination then it will be 4 wheels.All these elements that we have described are not perceptible, not even if you break the safe, but you must know them to know how you will work later.

The wheel system also runs with a fence that is a rod that remains on the wheels and also prevents them from turning, since it is connected to the lever that holds the box completely closed.

When the fence is resting on the wheels, the box is completely locked. Each wheel has a notch or groove in part of itself. The wheel turns and this groove keeps it where it should if the combination number is correct. This notch causes the fence to release in unison as you find the appropriate numbers for the combination of the safe. If you know how many numbers the combination of the safe you want to open has, then you already have a long way to go and you will not have to find the numbers with the procedure that we are going to teach you.

Know the number of numbers in the combination

2. How to find the numbers that the combination has.

The first thing you should do is turn the dial repeatedly and with full turns to the right so that the lock returns to its initial position and each and every one of the wheels is loose. Using the stethoscope that you must have at hand, you must listen to the sound you need to hear to know how many numbers the combination of your box has.

You have surely seen this many times in the movies or on TV. This is the real procedure to find what you are looking for. You put the stethoscope in your ears and then the bell on the surface of the box.

You must always and at all times try to move the bell around the dial, never on top of it, since there you will not hear anything. Repeat this until the point where you can best hear the sounds inside. Now what you should do is turn the dial to the left and hear really well. If 2 clicks sound that are very close to each other, you are on the right track.

The turn you must give the dial must be slow and you must know that one of the clicks is going to be more stealthy than the one that follows it, since the notch makes the sound tilt to a specific side. After this you must go back to start the dial. Turn her face to the right again multiple times to go back and repeat the process. That you did previously. You must do this multiple times to confirm that the 2 clicks are correct.

Now what you have to do is turn face to the left until the moment when the dial is right in front of the sound that you warned of the 2 clicks. When you have found the place where the 2 clicks sound, move the dial 180 ° through the 2 click point. In this way you put the wheel in that place and leave it parked.

When you achieve this, you must repeat the process until you park the other wheels that remain. After this you must turn the dial to the right and also listen to the point where you parked the wheel. The moment you pass by, you should hear a click like when a wheel engages and the cam is raised. To know if there is another point, you must park what will then give you the number of numbers that the combination of your safe contains. You must keep turning the dial and also count the number of clicks you hear. Remember that it is of the utmost importance that you only listen to the clicks you hear in the parked area. If you hear clicks in a situation other than the one you left parked, then you must go back to carry out the process from the beginning, since it means that you have not done the job well and you were confused in leaving the wheel parked.

If every time you carry out the process, the same thing happens again then you are in front of a safe with a very advanced security system. If this happens you should go to a locksmith or a company that specializes in opening safes. If you did the process well that we indicated and your safe is not anti-opening then you should only listen to the number of clicks it makes passing through the parked part.

Take note of the clicks you hear, since this will give you the number of wheels that the lock has, which will give you the number of numbers that the combination of your safe has. This we just finished doing is one of the most essential steps to be able to open a dial safe using a stethoscope.

Know the numbers of the combination of the safe

3. First step to find the numbers of the combination.

The first step that you must take when you have already heard the number of wheels that your safe has, is to propose to locate the numbers that will lead you to the precise combination. Creating 2 line graphs is a good way to open a dial safe.

This graphics procedure is widely used by locksmith specialists, since you must always save a lot of information at all times to open a safe.

The graphs you make must have an X axis and a Y axis.

On the X axis you must put the numbers from 0 (the starting point of the box dial) to the highest number on the dial. In the first graph you must put point X as the starting point and point Y as the right contact point. This is because you must find the numbers that go to the left and right when turning the dial.

In the second graph, do the opposite which is to put point X as the starting point and point Y as the left contact point. After doing this, turn the dial back to zero. Turn the dial multiple times to the right to release the wheels and return to the initial situation. He hears again and walks finding the sound, when the wheel makes contact with the cam, as we previously stated.

The moment you hear the 2 clicks in a row as we affirmed in point two, always and at all times note the situation in which the dial was when the clicks sounded. Always and at all times note the precise number where this sound occurred. When this happens, you can write down these numbers in the graphs that we tell you that you should take.

After this you must return to restore the lock and put it three numbers to the left of zero. Turn the dial to the right and this time to the right of zero. This number that appears is going to be the other value of X that you can save.

Continue making a record of where the 2 clicks are, this is to repeat the process that you did previously again and they are the new X numbers that you must write down next to the new Y’s. The next thing you should do is to look in your graph where 2 Y values ​​meet, that is, they converge. You can put the two graphs together to locate the points that converge or that are closer to each other. If you find that the number of points that converge is greater than the number of wheels that your safe has, then you must go back to carry out the process again and return to make a new graph. Now at the points of Y that converge, you must write down the values ​​that X has in these places.

If, for example, you find that the numbers of X (one, fifteen and forty-seven) are found at the points of Y that converge, then these may be the numbers that the safe combination carries. If you have done a good job and have carefully followed the steps that we indicate then you will easily locate the numbers you need to know to open a dial safe.

Find out the correct numbers

4. Find the precise numbers.

The numbers you found are not necessarily in the order you should be using them on the dial of your safe. For example, let’s work with the numbers we gave you. If they were one, fifteen and forty-seven.

Then you must try each and every one of the possible combinations, such as (1, 47, 15); (15, 1, 47); (47, 15, 1); and so on.

After you enter each combination then you must take the door to get open your safe. If it doesn’t open, then try another of the possible combinations. Do not forget that every time you enter a combination and it does not work, then you must return the dial to its initial situation. Remember that this is accomplished by turning the dial to the right several times.

If the combinations that you have used do not work, then surely you have been wrong in one of their numbers or in all, but not completely, since each and every one of the numbers can have a margin of failure of two to three numbers. For example, it is not a one, but rather two or the number three. To be able to see if this is the problem, then you must try the new possible combinations with the numbers adjacent to the ones you have.

A case of this is to go trying with the numbers three, seventeen, forty-nine) or with the numbers 16, 2, 48) and in this way until the moment you find the appropriate combination. It is essential that if you have not tried to open the door with a combination or if you did not return the dial to the beginning, you can lose the appropriate combination without wanting to, which will lead you to return to repeat the process and delay considerably more. If you are thinking of putting a metal door, visit our article not to be confused in the choice of my metal door.

The procedure to open a safe with a dial is somewhat complex, but we assure you that it is possible simply using a microscope.

Our procedure is considerably faster than trying each and every one of the combinations, since in this way you will know adequately how many wheels your safe has and therefore how many numbers the combination that opens it has.

OPEN SAFE without COMBINATION in 5 Minutes

We want to give you good luck and we hope you are successful in opening your safe.

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