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Get to solve the problems that may arise with a electronic safe It can become a real problem and a headache, if you don’t have the necessary tools to solve a bad situation. With so much information on the Internet, it is very easy to get a tutorial to help you, but doing this on your own can be cumbersome, since there are data and technical terms that are difficult to understand without the necessary help.

But not all of it is bad news, because in the face of ignorance and doubts that may invade you at the moment, it is best to open an electronic safe with the help of a specialist. This will advise you and provide all the necessary help to solve the problem.

By seeking the help of a specialized technician you can be more than calm, as this person is super trained to carry out this type of work without damaging the security system of your safe. Regardless of the problem you have, the specialist will be able to advise you and you will be much calmer.

As you know, the more innovative and complex the security system from your safe the more complicated the opening will be. That is why you must first identify what is the problem that the box has to be able to solve it in the best way.

Electronic safes They are the most advanced that exist in the market and you can get it in different models. These have a system of high security with a numeric keyboard where the combination is placed so that the box can be opened. You can also find them with fingerprint detectors or biometric systems, which makes it more difficult to open by outsiders or strangers.

Now, as we mentioned earlier electronic safes They are perhaps the most difficult to repair or open, since the system with which they have very complex circuits and wiring. When one of this is blocked, it is necessary to have a person who has a considerable level of knowledge on the subject to be able to solve the problem quickly.

While it is true that some problems can be solved by yourself immediately, it is advisable to contact the experts to ensure that your safe works well and does not present any problems later. But if on the contrary you want to experiment and repair it yourself, do not forget to acquire a little knowledge about electrical circuits and systems so that the box is in the best way. It is also possible to open with the master key, if the problem comes from the master key, write down the model of the safe and go to a service BTV and have a new key made for you. Going to a professional is a matter of getting good advice and seeing what they are going to do, and finally you can go to the factory, they will give you a solution, if there is one. The BTV contact page is: http://www.btv.es/contacto.html.

I leave a video from a youtube channel: gemusa09 of how she opens a BTV safe. The kid recommends not buying cheap safes as they can be expensive. Do what you see fit. With time and tools there is no security that is worth it.

BTV safes unlock procedure

BTV safes unlock procedure

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