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Arfe safe instructions

The safes They are very varied, there are different types, but regardless of their models, they all have the same purpose, which is to provide security. They are commonly used to protect jewelry, cash, documents or any object that is of great value to the owner of the safe.

Just as there is an older type of safe and where its use is exclusively manual, there is also a more modern design of which the Arfe Safe, a box style where an electronic security system is used and the operation is exclusively electric.

All about Arfe safes

The Arfe safes They are very safe products, their manufacturers make a great effort to make sure that they fulfill the use for which they are created, however, despite the fact that being digital they may seem very easy to use, their internal mechanism it is much more complex than you really think.

That is why it can be too common for situations to arise in which the owner cannot open it and is in a hurry for not accessing the interior of its content, be it a arfe safe With a key lock or a mechanical combination, the best solution is to contact the technical service of the box manufacturer.

The problem can be a little more complicated when the failure of the safe is not a simple forgetting of the password, but of the internal functioning of the same, this can be much more common in the Arfe safes with electric combination lockas it may deplete the battery that the device operates on.

If the case that is presented is a safe without a battery, where it is impossible to handle the numeric keypad, do not be too overwhelmed, since most have a system so that the owner can access its content manually.

There are three particular cases for this type of situation, which can be:

  • Use a security key: these types of safes usually have an additional security key to open the box and access its contents, this type of keys is very beneficial as it serves to safeguard the security of the content.

In this way, if the case of the battery occurs, the box can continue to be used without any type of problems, however, if the key gets lost, the security of the content in the safe could be in jeopardy.

In general, it is best to ask the manufacturers to add a security key when ordering a safe, but it is essential for the owner to protect said key at all times and keep it in a separate place at the same time. cash register.

  • External keyboard for the lock: another type of case is to use a battery to supply electricity to the lock, this type of box contains a hidden opening to be able to change the batteries in the control panel that supplies power to the keyboard.

This method is much safer than that of the key, since the owner can change the battery every time it is necessary, without having to put the security of the safe at risk, it is one of the most used methods in safes .

Something interesting about this is that the electrical panel is removable, so that it can be separated from the safe without any problem and facilitate the battery change, the process is usually very simple, in any case you always have the Arfe safe manufacturer’s instructions

  • External connector for the electric lock: in this case the battery can be charged through a connector, without having to remove the electric panel. It is also one of the most used methods since the person does not have to disassemble anything and there is no mess in changing the batteries.

This connector is usually located next to the door of the box and the way to supply the power is through a second battery that is completely external.

Maintenance and repair of ARFE security safes

SAFE ARFE INSTRUCTIONSOfficial technical assistance service for ARFE safes, covering the needs of our clients in the maintenance and repair of the safes manufactured in the Alsasua factory (Navarra).

They have a large warehouse with spare parts for all models manufactured.

They have a team of qualified professionals for the opening and repair of safes. Including the duplicate of opening and emergency keys.

They carry out repair and restoration work on safes, as well as their adaptation to customer needs, installing approved time lock systems and electronic locks.


Special security safes designed to offer a high level of security resisting mechanical and thermal attacks, built with armored coatings complying with European regulations





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