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Security shield for locks

For each of us the most important thing is to feel protected within our homes, it is essential that our homes are a sacred space full of warmth where no one disturbs us in any way. That is why being able to count on the best in security systems that guarantee our well-being is the most important thing.

One of the options that we can aspire to as another additional measure of protection is the security shield for locks, since the security shield is a necessary essential complement to protect the lock of attacks by violent means.

Why are security shields for locks important?

The lock security escutcheon is a necessary accessory to attach to a lock As cylinders are often the preferred point of attack for criminals, protecting it is imperative. A security shield combined with a high-end cylinder provides a better level of security.

The effectiveness of these devices can be measured by the materials with which they are made, they are high quality materials such as cemented steel and manganese that make them very resistant to tools such as the drill and the pick which are quite powerful.

In addition, these shields incorporate additional protection mechanisms and systems that allow a higher level of security to our homes. However, as in the vast majority of products, it is not always easy to find the ideal one among so many brands, models and price variations.

Know which is the safest, the one that offers the best price and quality ratio, but most important of all, which is adapted to the needs of each person. Lock shields offer a myriad of models and variants that can make the difference between what we think we need and what we actually need.

The materials with which they are manufactured and the innovation in the structure will mark all these variants. Definitely, install a lock security escutcheon It is essential to improve the security levels of our home or office and prevent criminals from violating our peace of mind.

Most recognized types of security shields

As the novelty is part of our days, more and more a variety of security shields can be found to lockuras adjustable to any type of budget or need for protection within which the most recognized are the following:

  • Shield for open locks: There are many doors that are currently equipped with open lock protection shields, which reveal the body of the light bulb or cylinder. These shields offer a minimum level of security.
  • Semi-closed protective shields: These surround the lock in its entirety, therefore the probability that the cylinder can be removed is reduced, but this type of shield does not offer the necessary protection to the rotor, leaving it vulnerable to the attack of a drill.
  • Security shield for closed locks: Many are the cases in which the doors are equipped with this type of shields, they offer more security than open shields, in principle they seem safe and aesthetically they appear, but in reality they are not as safe as they appear.
  • The Disec magnetic lock security escutcheon: They are the ones that offer greater protection because they have an integrated hidden cover that is unlocked with a magnetic key. They are characterized by being prepared for the attack with jaws for the breaking of the fixing screws since these are special and withstand a lot of pressure which makes them very effective.

Are manufactured with a very resistant material and by leaving the bulb or cylinder hidden, it prevents them from being obstructed with any type of foreign objects or adhesives. By having the body of the bowler hidden, they make them anti bumping and anti lock picks.

These magnetic security shields can be found in a variety of lightbulb and lock models, such as the European profile, oval circular, for double-bit locks on armored and armored doors, and the narrow profile for metal doors and shutters.

  • The security shield for locks battleship Disec: Their main characteristic is that they are made of a very resistant material capable of coping with the attack with drills and radials. The body of the light bulb or cylinder has pieces of anti-drilling widia. On the other hand, as it has a thickness of almost 10 mm from the cylinder to the outer face of the shield.


Important elements to consider when buying a security shield for locks

There are three elements that are extremely important and that it is necessary to take into account when making the decision of buy a shield security for locks what allow us to feel safer in our homes, business premises or in our offices.

  1. The protection time that home security systems can provide.
  2. For how many years can this type of system be maintained.
  3. What kind of tools is the device built against?

At the time of purchase, you must take these elements into account, as this will make a very important difference when it comes to protecting our home.

Steps to install a magnetic protective shield

It is a simple process that consists of several steps that must be followed one by one so that you can carry out the installation yourself with excellent results:

  1. First step: Disassemble the lock if it is to be mounted, otherwise it will not be necessary.
  2. Second step: Disassemble the shield that the lock itself has.
  3. Third step: Mark with the template which are the holes to be made.
  4. Fourth step: Drill the selected holes in the door.
  5. Fifth step: Place the screws through the inner plate, and fix them with the glue recommended for each case.
  6. Step Six: Fix the escutcheon by tightening each of the corresponding screws.
  7. Step 7: If the lock has been removed, it is reassembled if necessary and the escutcheon adapter ring is fixed.

Lock Guard Armor™ Security Door Lock Enhancement – by Secure-All Doors

Lock Guard Armor™ Security Door Lock Enhancement – by Secure-All Doors

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