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Tesa TK100 High Security Double Clutch Cylinder

If after reading any of our great articles on how to protect and keep your home safeYou want to buy a high-power lock and you can’t decide which one; Please be aware that this article is for you.

Next, we bring you a detailed review on one of the best double clutch safety bulbs; so that you can clear all your doubts and thus provide an extra layer of protection to your home.

Tesa TK100: The Rolls Royce of light bulbs

Currently, it is considered that the best alternative for reinforce the security of your home, business or office; It is by installing a Tesa TK100 cylinder. Based on a thorough analysis and the opinion of many professional locksmiths, this bulb is the perfect solution to security problems that come with poor quality locks.

The Tesa TK100 is made of the highest quality materials, which guarantee the durability and resistance of the cylinder. Having sold millions of units and having been on the market for almost 2 years, it is still considered the best light bulb you can buy.

Experts are of the opinion that the Tesa TK100 is the best cylinder ever made, due to all the security advantages it provides. If you wonder what is special about it? and why should I buy one for my home ?; continue reading the detailed analysis that we bring for you:

General characteristics of the Tesa TK100:

  • The cylinder guarantees various levels of protection, such as: anti-bumping, anti-pick, anti-drilling and anti-extraction protection.
  • It features a 10-pin reversible key system, twice that of a common cylinder.
  • It has a multi-pointed pin orbital system.
  • It is made of the highest quality materials, which guarantee the durability of the cylinder despite wear and tear or the passage of time.
  • It is certified EN-1303, which guarantees excellent manufacturing and complies with all basic safety standards.
  • You have a property card, which certifies that each key copy will need a prior authorization.
  • High-end solution for the home or for places where an intense level of security and constant key protection is required.
  • Multiple profiles and sizes are available to meet any user need: 30 × 30, 30 × 35, 35 × 35, 35 × 40, 40 × 40, 40 × 45, 40 × 50 and 50 × 50. Brass, nickel, short cam and long cam.
  • It is compatible with access control keys, which receive the insertion of an RFID chip.

Protection levels:

As we just mentioned, the Tesa TK100 light bulb has multiple layers of protection to ensure that your enclosure will be protected. Next we will tell you in detail each one:

  • Anti-lock pick: It has superior protection against different types of lock picks.
  • Anti-drill: It has the maximum degree of protection against drilling, required by European law.
  • Anti-breakage: It is embedded in a highly resistant steel bar, which prevents breakage, bending or twisting of the cylinder.
  • Double clutch: It has a double safety clutch.
  • Pins: It has 2 rows of 10 pins, plus 2 security sensors on the key.
  • Key type: Patented, flat and uncopiable. The Tesa TK100 comes with 5 nickel silver keys with a plastic head and each copy is protected with a property card.

Strengths of the Tesa TK100

At this point, you must be wondering how are we so sure of the reliability of this bulb. To clarify all security doubts that you have about it, we will break down each one of them. Take into consideration that these answers are provided by expert locksmiths:

1. Is it anti-bumping?

This cylinder has been manufactured in such a way that it is impossible to open using the bumping method. Inside the cylinder there are 10 specially designed pins to prevent the lock from being opened, even using a modified bumping key.

Additionally, this bulb does not need to have a security shield, since it has a central steel reinforcement. What provides you with an extra protection that will keep criminals away from your door.

2. Is it anti-breakage or extraction?

Completely. Thanks to the central steel reinforcement that we just mentioned, this bulb is practically impossible to break. The steel sheet covers the entire surface of the bulb, so its resistance is guaranteed.

3. Is it anti-drill?

This is an extremely important feature, if we do not have a high security shield or otherwise, it can cause problems. The Tesa TK100 has a reinforced steel lentil that protects it from the attack of a bit and a drill.

Additionally, it has in its interior multiple steel bars arranged strategically that prevent the penetration of the fight in the cylinder and, in turn, are capable of breaking them.

4. Is it anti-pick?

To begin, we must point out that to date no light bulb on the market is completely anti-pick. This means that the Tesa TK100 can also be opened using this method, but it is not as simple as it sounds.

  • First, there are 65,000 cylinder variants on the market; so finding one that is exactly the same as yours will not be an easy task. The figure in question indicates that every 65,000 bulbs will be created one exactly the same as the first; that is, it repeats itself according to that cycle. On the other hand, Tesa engineers have eliminated the variants that they thought would be less safe.
  • Second, when you see a video on YouTube of how they open a TK100 in just minutes, it is because they have spent weeks, even months practicing. Most of these tutorials are provided by skilled locksmiths, who have either been picking locks using pick picks for years or who have been trained for months to do so.
  • Clear, a thief can practice too; But as we have mentioned, there are 65,000 variants of the TK100, so if the offender has practiced with one model and knows how to open it, it does not mean that he will be able to handle all of them.

In summary, it is possible to open the Tesa TK100 bulb using pick picks, but it takes months of practice and at least a good amount of time to try to open an unknown cylinder. So it is quite difficult to imagine a thief lying on the landing of your house, trying for hours to open a lock and incidentally, worried that a patrol or a neighbor will pass by to alert the authorities.

Therefore, although it can be opened using lock picks; we declare that it is practically impossible.

All these characteristics show why the Tesa TK100 light bulb, is valued as the best cylinder on the market. Able to guarantee maximum safety and well-being wherever it is installed; all thanks to its very high level of quality and technology. If you plan to acquire one of these for your home, business or office; Do not think twice.

High security cylinders Dierre New Power.

High security cylinders Dierre New Power.

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