> The best anti-bumping safety bowlers

The best anti-bumping safety bowlers

When it comes to protecting our homes, nothing better than the installation of a good alarm system, a video intercom and of course, the best anti-bumping safety bowler we can afford.

There is a very varied market for these types of gadgets, and although most fulfill their main function (to provide us with security against crime), not all are capable of providing the same level of protection or quality.

For this reason, if you are interested in installing a new anti-bumping safety cylinder in your home and you don’t know which one to buy, This article is for you. Next we will provide you with a Top 3, with which we believe are the best anti-bumping safety bowlers From the market. Let’s go for it!

TOP 3: The best anti-bumping safety bowlers

We have selected the bowlers that we will present to you below, based on their main characteristics, levels of protection, value for money, safety components and guarantee of their respective brands. In this way you will be able to form a complete criterion, on which is the most suitable bowler for your own needs.

# 1 KABA MATRIX: Extreme Protection

This high security cylinder is recommended for any door or project, thanks to the fact that once installed it will be able to provide an extreme level of protection. The Kaba Matrix has a highly effective and guaranteed reversible key system, capable of preventing criminals from doing their job.

Kaba has not taken lightly the security it wanted to provide to its bowler hat and for this reason, the Matrix has been developed to have all the maximum levels of protection established by the EN-1303 standard. Which means that this bowler hat has the latest high-end security advances from the Swiss company.

Thousands of users entrust the protection of their homes to Kaba devices, obtaining the guaranteed peace of mind of having maximum security cylinders and customized access control solutions. These devices have been put to the test by professional locksmiths in multiple countries in the European Union and have obtained excellent results.

The Kaba Matrix model has various security options that will leave your door almost invulnerable, regardless of whether it is common, armored or armored. Additionally, this cylinder can be easily integrated with other safety devices.

Features of the Kaba Matrix bowler hat:

  • Certification according to EN-1303: Cyclic durability No. 6 and fire resistance No. 2; in both cases the maximum.
  • It is equipped with 16 steel bolts and 3 rows of locking mechanisms.
  • Anti-bumping, anti-pick, anti-break, anti-drill and anti-extraction protection.
  • Allows bolt loading by a professional locksmith.
  • Trained for individual closures and trainings.
  • Reversible key system capable of providing a maximum level of reliability and minimal wear.
  • Perfectly ergonomic key and in a variety of colors.
  • It has a magnetic card capable of controlling fraudulent duplicates of access keys.
  • Trained for all security shields.

# 2 MUL-T-LOCK MT5 +: Maximum confidence

Designed by one of the most important security companies in the world, the MT5 + cylinder, seeks to maximize the level of trust, efficiency and security. Mul-T-Lock has been developing extreme quality products for the protection of homes, businesses and industries for more than 40 years.

Among its main products is the manufacture of bowlers, keys, locks and other security devices, guarantors of providing confidence and peace of mind to both its distributors and customers.

The Mul-T-Lock MT5 + cylinder has an excellent value for money, being this really affordable. In addition, it is considered one of the best high security bowlers on the market; having passed various quality controls in the world. Among the tests obtained we can find: resistance to bumping, drilling, extraction and lock picks.

Features of the Mul-T-Lock MT5 + cylinder:

  • It has a magnetic card and a security code, as mandatory requirements to be able to duplicate access keys to the lock. This task can only be carried out in authorized Mul-T-Lock centers, since the duplication is carried out with a special machine of the brand called KC5.
  • It has an access control system; With which it is possible to train or match the keys, so that it is possible to open several cylinders with it. This system is especially useful for single-family homes or small businesses.
  • The Mul-T-Lock MT5 + cylinder has anti-bumping, anti-drilling, anti-extraction and anti-pick protection mechanisms.
  • It has telescopic bolts, which allow an infinite number of possible combinations to be established.
  • It has 15 anti-drill bolts and it is impossible to force the rotor to remove it.
  • Mul-T-Lock incorporated the possibility of customizing the length of the cylinders in a fairly simple way, thanks to its modular cylinder.
  • It has the Alpha Spring patent, a pendulum-shaped mechanism located at the end of the key, responsible for providing an extra layer of protection to the bowler.
  • It has a powerful closing side bar, which interacts with the bolts to protect them.
  • It is CLIQ compliant, which allows configuring an electromechanical or electronic access control for its opening.

# 3 TESA TK100: Guaranteed security

Tesa’s TK100 model has been named by many professional locksmiths as “the best bowler of 2019”; thanks to the magnificent high security option that it is able to provide to homes and businesses. For its part, this bowler is the favorite of many locksmiths for its fantastic value for money.

One of the security features that the Tesa TL100 has are its 10 bolts and its reversible point keys. Additionally, this bowler has the maximum EN-1303 standard certification at all levels.

Features of the Tesa TK100 bowler:

  • Includes 5 non-copyable reversible keys.
  • It has 13 bolts and 2 security sensors assembled on the key.
  • It has Drop Orbital, an exclusive Tesa technology that allows you to configure the key with up to 45 different carvings, as opposed to 10 traditional keys.
  • Maximum degree in anti-bumping, anti-extraction, anti-pick and anti-drill protection systems.
  • It has anti-corona protection, since it has pins in front of the rotor.
  • The cylinder body is reinforced with steel.
  • It has the highest degree of corrosion resistance.
  • The key has an ergonomic and innovative design.
  • It has a double clutch system.
  • It incorporates identification documents and a magnetic card to control the copies made of the keys.

Each of these bowlers is one of a kind and provides maximum protection for the doors of our homes or business. When choosing one, take into consideration the budget you have, as well as the degree of protection you deserve.

Although at the end of the day, all 3 are large bowlers of excellent quality, so your purchase will be insured. If you have doubts about it, do not hesitate to consult an expert who will surely clarify any concerns you may have.

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