> The best rated anti-bumping bowler for 2022

The best-rated anti-bumping bowler for 2022

A new decade has begun and with it, new methods to enter residences illegally and business. Therefore, the best measure we can take to tackle crime is to decide change the access cylinder to our properties.

Although we are usually fully aware that we must keep the door of our home locked, we do not stop to think that this is the only thing that prevents the outside world from invading our privacy and security. In addition, we do not give due importance to the lock; which is usually the weakest security point in a house and the favorite to violate for thieves.

If your home lock is still a old model; you should know that there is a 90% chance that it can be compromised by a thief possessing a bumping key. So that, if you want to protect your home of methods such as picks, extraction, drilling, breaking or the aforementioned bumping; the best is invest in a new safety bowler.

Therefore, in this article we will tell you which one It is the best anti-bumping bowler of 2022; so that you acquire the latest in technology and security, capable of dealing with the new and improved methods used by thieves.

One of the best anti-bumping bowlers of 2022

The bowlers and front doors of homes are the elements that we change least frequently throughout our lives. Therefore, we must make sure to choose the best in the market. A good door does 50% of the work of protecting our home; Due to this, it is also necessary to have a good, highly resistant security bulb, in order to guarantee that we will have the perfect protection pair.

The perfect anti-bumping cylinder must have the following characteristics:

  • A cylinder capable of properly protecting a residence must have certifications such as UNE-EN-1303 and VdS BZ +. Which guarantee that the cylinder is anti-drilling, anti-extraction, anti-twisting, anti-breaking and anti-bumping.
  • The best security bowlers have an anti-copy system, which guarantees that their keys cannot be duplicated unless the person has the security card with a protected key profile. The most prestigious brands have authorized distributors with extremely rigorous security systems, in order to guarantee that the person requesting the new key is the owner of the property.

To feel safe while we are inside or outside the house, it is best to install the following anti-bumping bowler:

Kaba Expert Plus: The best bowler hat of 2022

The Expert Plus model from the manufacturer Kaba is the safety cylinder that, year after year, continues to be recognized as the best. This is due to the many remarkable features that it incorporates, such as being a certified, patented and homologated bowler hat. In addition, this cylinder is capable of making it very difficult for thieves who want to use any breakthrough method.

Kaba Expert Plus Features

  • The technology of this safety light bulb has renewed its patent until the year 2033.
  • This cylinder is anti-bumping, anti-extraction, anti-break, anti-pick, anti-pry and anti-drill.
  • The materials with which they have been manufactured present the highest durability, quality, robustness and strength on the market.
  • They are highly resistant to external attacks perpetrated by brute force.
  • It is available in a double clutch or internal knob version.
  • It has a non-copyable property card, to request duplicate keys in a controlled and secure way.
  • It has UNE-EN-1303 certification in its highest degree.
  • The keys have a high degree of security and a low level of wear.
  • These bulbs are compatible with later versions.
  • There are 91 billion different combinations available.

Price of Kaba Expert Plus bowlers

Depending on the finish or the number of keys included, the price may vary. But in general, the Expert Plus has a value of:

  • Brass Kaba Expert Plus cylinder, 30x30mm = 122,40 EUR.
  • Kaba Expert Plus Nickel bowler hat extreme protection 30 × 30 = 208.85 EUR.
  • Kaba Expert Plus BSZ bowler with 6 keys and 6 guarantees = 208.95 EUR.

Advantages of the Kaba Expert Plus

After knowing the characteristics of this bowler, you will surely have an idea of ​​what are the advantages that the Kaba Expert Plus offers to its consumers. But, for you to have a more complete knowledge, we will point them out below:

  • Foolproof against bumping method: It is not for less to be afraid of bumping; since this technique is capable of opening up to 90% of the common locks that we usually have installed in the home. But after installing a Kaba Expert Plus, you will no longer be afraid of this technique; as it is completely invulnerable to this ruse used by thieves.
  • Quality materials: All high security cylinders must be manufactured with first class materials and the Expert Plus is no exception. The raw material with which these tools are created are prepared to withstand years of constant work. So they will be able to face manipulation attempts or attacks that criminals try to carry out.
  • Includes 6 keys: This bowler includes 6 striker keys, with which you can enter your property without any difficulty. The number of pieces is ideal for large families that have hectic work routines or studies, so each member will have their own copy.
  • Great value for the price: While the price is not truly affordable for any pocket; the bowler hat is excellent value for money. So it can be taken as an investment in the future, in order to significantly increase the security of the property.

Other details to take into account

In addition to all the features and advantages that we have presented so far, we want to point out other small but important details that make the installation of a Kaba Expert Plus bowler even more valuable:

  • Key opening from inside and outside: This is one of the strengths of this light bulb, especially for large families or in commercial premises. Thanks to its double clutch, it is possible to open the door even when a key is placed inside the cylinder on the other side.
  • Protection against drilling, extraction and twisting: Although our biggest fear is generally picks and bumping, we must also protect our properties from other stronger methods such as drilling, twisting, extraction or breaking. Luckily, the Kaba Expert Plus is able to combat any of these techniques and succeed; all thanks to the materials and design with which it is manufactured.

Do not think about it anymore and take action on the matter sooner, the security of your home or business depend on you. If you wish greater security and feel calm At all times, choose a Kaba Expert Plus or put it on your priority wish list.

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