> The door lock cylinder

The door lock cylinder

The lock cylinder of doors, consists of a safety device that is incorporated into the doors to prevent them from being opened without the key. The lock has a hole normally located in the central part of the cylinder where the key fits.

There is a great diversity of locks to choose from today, ranging from the simple ones known as mechanical ones to the more complicated and technological ones that are called electronic ones, where the key has been replaced by a plastic or PVC card.


Bowlers as an important part of safety.

As security is an impossible need to deprive ourselves, it is important to have doors and locks that provide the greatest security in order to reduce any uncertainty of theft. If we want to protect our home, office or premises, it is advisable to install a lock cylinder of security.

The most common methods to violate keyless bowlers are (drilling, picking, bumping, and extraction) therefore it is necessary to have A bowler hat that offers us the security we need must be anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-bumping.

The most advisable thing to do when changing the bowlers is to install bowlers with greater security than those that were had, since they are the last factor of protection for the door in case of theft. The great variety that exists is marketed according to the entrances, the size and the profile of the bowler.

Types of cylinder locks

In the market today there is a great variety of bowlers with different security measures, different protection systems and with very modern designs. According to this we can indicate the various types of barrels for locks:

Bowlers according to your type of ticket:

  • Single entry. The key is used to close it only from the outside, they are the most suitable for those rooms that do not need to be closed from the inside.
  • One input and button. Its operation is similar to that of a single entry with the difference that it is locked from the outside with a key and from the inside by means of a button or latch.
  • Double entry. They are by nature the most used since they tend to be used in the locks of the main doors because it is closed from the outside or the inside with a key.

Cylinders depending on the type of profile:

  • Standard or pear-shaped bowler hats: It is known as the European bowler hat, it has a rounded shape on its head and tapers at the bottom, it is one of the most used.
  • Round bowlers; These are commonly installed in drawers and cabinets.

Bowlers according to measure:

  • Centered, known as symmetrical and this is because the bowler cam is located in the middle of the bowler.
  • Asymmetrical, in these the length is divided into unequal parts, therefore it is understood that the cam is anywhere except in the center.
  • Half-cylinder, they are made for doors and locks that are narrower than the standard ones, therefore they are smaller than the rest of the bowlers.

What is the way to choose the most suitable bowler hat?

If what we need is to take measures to protect ourselves from any type of theft, it is essential for everyone to choose barrels for locks of security that guarantee the safety of our homes. Therefore, if we want to choose the most appropriate bowler, we must bear in mind the following guidelines.

To begin, it is essential to know the parts of the cylinder: The rotor allows the turning of the key and transmits the turn made by the cam, the lever operates the lock known as Cam, the clutch is in charge of controlling the side where the door opens and the pistons are those that adapt to the profile of the key.

The second step is to choose barrels for locks Of the highest quality, the more pistons and piston lines in a cylinder, the more difficult it will be to copy the combination and the more difficult it will be to pick them. An example of anti-bumping and anti-drilling.

As a last but not least point, it is worth mentioning the importance of the types of keys, the security of a key increases depending on the number of combinations of pins with which the cylinder is manufactured. The more number of combinations, the less is the possibility of plagiarizing it.

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The best way to install a lock cylinder

The simple fact of replacing the lock cylinder with a more secure one is an excellent way to provide greater security to our homes. As it is not necessary to change the lock, it is the most convenient decision, if the keys have been lost or because the cylinder is out of date.

The best way to change or install a lock cylinder is to carry out the process in steps calmly to avoid inconveniences, the first thing to have is the type of screwdriver that will be used in the process. Then it is checked if the door can be changed the cylinder

To identify if the door can be changed the cylinder, it is necessary to check the edge of the door that is located at the height of the lock. At the bottom of the latch or latch there is a screw that indicates that the cylinder can be removed.

The next step is to remove the screw, then insert the key into the cylinder and proceed to turn it just a little, stretching the key slightly to be able to extract the cylinder. If the cylinder does not move, you should be aware of the door handle because it is certain that the cylinder is being pressed.

Once the cylinder is out of the lock, the new cylinder is placed with the key in place to make it coincide in the hole. Once the cylinder is placed inside the lock, the screw that was previously removed must be adjusted. And this is, that easy, it has no more history. I hope you liked it.

How to change a euro lock cylinder

How to change a euro lock cylinder

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