> Trabex locks company bolts and locks

Trabex Locks Company Bolts and Locks

Locks trabex ironworks and locks company. It is a lock factory created in 1950 in Argentina, recognized for being a brand that came to impose and comply with the requirements of both raw materials and security elements, from the creation of a new lock to different tools that make Trabex a very relevant factory in the market.

Trabex padlock information

This company has other reinforced production plants in various parts of the world, not only with the quality of the product but with the customer service that promote it as a unique company and leader in its manufacturing style, from a new bolt or lock to present a solution efficiently and quickly to your clients.

Trabex has the accuracy and confidence that its trajectory will have no end, otherwise every day they develop new ideas of innovative bolts and locks or different effective security methods, making the brand a safe way of saying that the Republic of Argentina is closed. in every corner.

But… what does Trabex offer to the market?

This company brings with it a good number of locks and bolts that not only offer the exclusivity of combining their codes but also the possibility of obtaining a smaller number of keys, that is, users can reach the point of having different Trabex locks in their homes with different codes, but with a single key have access to any part of the place.

Trabex Double Security Lock

As you have more combinations or want to have a higher level of security, Trabex offers four and six position locks that allow people to increase combinations (plates).

Trabex mortise lock

This type of locks can have a greater number of keys, since the plates of other locks are different; the company usually recommends its six-position locks since they are more secure when comparing one of four positions. As if that were not enough, their website includes the locksmith service, making it easier for us to find a professional in this area of ​​work.


Your guarantee certificate is a point of trust for your customers. One of Trabex’s fundamental principles is the effective fulfillment of its safety requirements, which are:

  • Security against any intruder
  • Gain the trust of buyers
  • Make it a totally durable and friendly product in its full use

The industry offers a wide variety of products that can and do range from the corrective maintenance use of a lock with its lubricant to deadbolt locks and deadbolts, double bit keyed brass armored padlocks, slings, electric locks and more.

Unlock Kallay / Trabex – Argentina lock models

Unlock Kallay / Trabex – Argentina lock models

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