> Types of blinds for shops

Types of blinds for shops

Commercial blinds serve important functions in business. These not only provide protection against possible attacks by criminals, but they can also protect our businesses from disturbances. Currently there are many models of blinds for shops, some of them they are designed in such a way that consumers can see the interior of the commercial premises, even when it is closed; feature that can bring extra benefits in favor of increase our sales.

There is a type of blind for each business, economy or owner. For this reason, in this article we will provide you with a wide variety of these, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and those of your business. Very well, let’s get to know them!

Blinds for commerce: preliminary considerations

There are many models of blinds for commercial premises that we can find in stores; each one designed, according to specific needs. There are an infinity of types of shops, as well as locations or facades. In the same way, we can find blinds with a higher level of security; others like the one we mentioned recently, which allow you to have a certain visibility into the shop and even some quite aesthetic.

What is really important, beyond the secondary functions, is that protect our businesses. Therefore always choose the one that guarantees maximum security and protection for your business; so you can have peace of mind when you go home after a long day at work. Now, let’s know the best models of blinds for shops that exist:

Roller blinds

These blinds are a small world by themselves, because they have a great variety of models and all serve relatively different functions. The roll-up model stands out for offering great benefits, such as:

  • They allow you to make the most of the space.
  • They provide maximum security, due to their robustness.
  • They are extremely easy to install.
  • They can be found in many materials and shapes.
  • They have models such as: die-cut with vision, blind, micro-perforated, among others.

Roller blinds: Die-cut with vision

This model of blind separates the interior from the exterior and thanks to its die-cut sheets, it is possible to see the interior of the shop, even when the blinds are down. Its design can vary depending on the client’s needs, thus modifying the widths of the die to suit; it is also available in different materials and colors.

Roller blinds: Blind

These blinds completely prevent the vision into the business. Once they are completely closed, the passage of light, visibility and temperature is completely repressed; so it is a highly recommended model for businesses with delicate merchandise.

If your intention is to prevent visibility into the interior of your premises, when it is closed and at the same time, provide a maximum level of security and protection against inclement weather; This blind would suit you perfectly. Additionally, this model adapts to any architectural style.

Roller blinds: Micro-perforated

In recent years, this blind model has become a favorite of many retailers for the many benefits it provides. Like the die-cut model, allows a glimpse of the interior of the premises, but only when there is interior lighting. So once the lights are off, the micro-perforated stainless steel sheets will provide privacy to the inside. In turn, thanks to the small holes in its design, the shop will remain constantly ventilated.

Self-locking security shutters

Like self-locking security shutters for homes, this model for businesses provides a maximum level of security once they are closed. Its opaque closure design completely prevents vision into the premises. In addition, it is the best ally against possible robbery attempts; all thanks to the fact that the union between the different slats that make it up completely blocks an opening force. All these characteristics make this blind model ideal for stores such as jewelers or items of great monetary value.

Galvanized blinds

It is not a “model” of blind itself, but rather a quality that is conferred on them. Galvanizing is a coating that is applied to the metal surface of the blinds to protect it from the weather and, in turn, make it more resistant. Generally, closed or classic rod blinds are used.

Rod blinds

This is the most common model of blinds that exists, so we can find it in many establishments in our city. Although it is classified as ancient and traditional, it is currently possible to find them with modern and technological systems incorporated.

Its greatest benefit is that it allows consumers to have good visibility inside the establishment, even when it is closed. This is possible, thanks to the wide spacing of the rods. This type of blind is highly recommended for businesses that need to display their windows throughout the day, such as clothing stores, bookstores, warehouses, among others.

Lacquered or anodized aluminum shutters

Although many people use them in their homes, they can also be used perfectly in commercial premises. They are good value for money and extremely easy to install. This blind model is capable of providing great results to businesses, in addition to combining perfectly with many styles.

Stainless steel shutters

Thanks to the material with which it is forged, this type of blind stands out for its fine and elegant aesthetics. Not only does stainless steel provide a neat, polished finish; but it is also possible to completely customize the blind in relation to the facade of the premises. They are widely used in clothing boutiques, to give an even more exclusive image.

Before deciding what type of blind you want to install in your business, remember to make a in-depth evaluation of the characteristics that surround it. That is, what do you sell, how much security do you need, the location of the store and if it is facing the elements. All these details will be essential when it comes to choose the best blind for trade.

On the other hand, consider the characteristics of the blinds, such as: the different materials with which they are designed, the systems (automatic, motorized or manual), the openwork (stamped or micro-perforated), the blind or opaque (anti-theft and anti-lever), among others. The set of all these details should confer security, eye-catching, comfort and practicality to your business.

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