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Types of locks

If we need to change a lock we usually waste time figuring out what types of locks They are the best quality and which is the one that best suits our needs. In good time we present this article that will surely be very useful to choose the most appropriate lock.

The locks are a metal or wooden gear that is incorporated into the door and fulfills the function of providing security when we close it. They are accompanied by a set of keys, which is the instrument used to activate the latch mechanism.

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Parts of a lock

The locks date from the time of the Egyptians, but it is in the century when the mechanism begins to be modernized, being the promoter country England; until 1851 the American Alfred Hobbs challenged technology by making locks that the English could not do. His son continued with the task, perfecting the technique, until a security system was perfectly available to everyone.

It never hurts to handle detailed information about locks, since when you need one, this type of knowledge can be very useful. Let’s look at the parts of a lock.

  • Keeper: It is the metal plate that is attached to the door.
  • Bracelet: It is the handle and serves to open or close the door.
  • Slip: It is the piece that allows the door to close or open.
  • Palletón: This piece is activated when the key is inserted into the lock, allowing it to be opened or closed.
  • Cylinder: It is the piece of geometric body where the key is inserted. Basically it is what allows to open or close.

According to the need, the type of doors and our purchasing opportunities the types of locks they can be classified into several classes. Let’s know the most common

Types of locks

  • Rim locks: They are the pins that, as their name indicates, are superimposed on the door. They do not offer much security, so it is recommended to combine it with others that offer greater protection.
  • Tubular: It is the type of lock most used in homes and offices. Its mechanism is activated by pressing the button from inside, leaving the door closed without using the key.
  • Built-in: They are those that are incorporated into the door. They have a respectable protection capacity
  • Multipoint: It works through anchor points and its leverage system is essential to provide security.
  • Invisible: It is a lock that works by means of commands that generate codes, which vary with its use.
  • Digital: It offers security by digits, which can be offered by cards, remote control or fingerprints.
  • Locks: It has a security system that when it is active a button is pressed, preventing others from opening the door.

The locks described above represent the most commonly used for homes, offices and parking. Digital ones have been very receptive because they offer greater security.

Of this types of locks There is a wide variety on the market, the following stand out: Tesa Assa Abloy smart lock, Tesa Assa Abloy ENTR biometric smart lock, Alexa Nuki combo smart lock, Remock Lockey Pro invisible smart lock, Yale smart lock for glass doors.

Today the levels of protection we want for our family members go beyond those offered with door locks; therefore in this article we will offer information about other types of locks that may be needed.

Cabinet locks

  • Canwn Child Safety Locks: It is based on a system of Ultrasonic Bonding Techniques and Strong Adhesive.

Window locks

  • Push / Pull window lock: They are used for sliding windows and can also be adapted to doors. No drilling needed

Refrigerator locks

  • It works on the basis of adhesive tape that provides a block preventing the door from opening

Travel padlock locks

  • Travel padlock locks: They end up being very useful when traveling or to protect documents in a briefcase

Latch locks

  • Latch buckles: Functional through a sliding lock, which can be incorporated into windows and doors

Steel Lock

  • Stainless Steel Touch Door Locks: It is a box with steel hinges that work on the basis of a release system and can be used to protect cabinets.

Safe locks

This type of locks are in high demand by banks, because they offer almost inviolable security. Let’s get to know some of them

  • Model ald40 – 1k sigma chubbsafes key lock: Suitable for protecting money, documents and valuables. You can access items without opening the door
  • Model ald43 – 3e chubbsafes: It has a 50 liter lock and a 31 kg slot

Locks to protect pets

For them there are types of locks that give us the peace of mind of knowing that they are protected, especially in those moments when we are not at home.

  • Anself Model: Designed for dogs and cats and consists of a small door with its keys, which is installed in the door of the house.


  • Locks give us the feeling of feeling safe
  • According to our needs we have a great variety to choose from
  • They are available for all types of doors and windows
  • Modernism provides us with locks for other places in the house such as cabinets, refrigerators, among others.


  • Prices are usually high
  • There are locks that its mechanism is complicated
  • Some locks are complex to install


As we have seen, the types of locks are variable. The option for a specific passer will depend largely on the purchasing resources that we have.

It is important to note that the safety of ourselves and that of our loved ones are invaluable, for this reason it would be worth investing in a lock that gives us the peace of mind of keeping our loved ones safe.

We hope that the options offered in the article can help you, if you are in trouble to acquire a lock. Good luck!

igloohome || Basics of Door Locks

igloohome || Basics of Door Locks

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