What are combination locks for time delay

Safes have become today one of the most used by most businesses, financial institutions and even in homes to protect those goods that can mean a lot to us, be it because they are loaded with sentimental value, moral and even monetary (which if we are to the case is what almost always ends up being protected).

Wanting to have a special place to store valuable belongings makes some people have the idea of ​​considering buying one.

Although the fact that you want to acquire a safe this does not mean that it can be easily obtained, and this we refer to its value since, therefore, you can get a great variety of prices in the market, but they may be quite expensive.

Previously, different types of safes could be obtained, although the first only worked with a key that was used each time the safe was to be opened, but this did not generate so much confidence because despite the fact that the safe had a good design in terms of your materials, this did not mean that your keys would not end up in the hands of another person and in the end it would end up stolen, or you might even lose them and from then on the headache would be great.

That is why with all the technological advance and the use of better tools, you can already get safes that not only present an excellent design on all four sides, but also withstand all kinds of blows and are even practically impenetrable, they put aside all the traditional and conventional style to give the green light to better ways to protect it, thus creating optimal security systems.

The best safes have several security systems that involve many things when trying to open the safe, and one of them is “Time delay combination locks”, which serves as an additional protection and can even be programmed very well, so that finally everything that is inside it is protected and all kinds of thefts are avoided.

Now this innovative system completely generates greater confidence and peace of mind to users who carry it, but How does it work? Is it applicable to all safes? What does time delay mean? All of these doubts are reasonable, but let’s start first.

Where do the time locks or delays come from?

It is important to know where this whole system comes from, since as humans went in search of greater security to protect their assets, little by little more innovative options were created that would give better results and prevent anyone from violating the safes .

Searching within the entire history of vaults and safes we can realize that much earlier time locks What are you for? Its purpose was that the vaults or safes had a security backup in case in any circumstance someone wanted to commit a robbery, in this way the robbery both at home and at the office or in a bank would be completely frustrated, the Police would arrive and the day would be saved.

These time locks were used to establish schedules where they allowed authorized persons to enter the vaults or in that case open the safes. Currently, the most modern designs leave the mechanical aside and add both a timer with a reset to zero as well as leave activated closing and opening times.

Starting from that point, time locks work in a slightly different way than time locks, but they served as the basis to innovate and create more security for users’ belongings.

When time locks were used in bank vaults, they established a schedule where it would be kept completely closed until the time reached zero so that it would eventually open and allow workers to enter and perform their counting or counting work. income of money, this means that anyone could not open it at will.

On the other hand, Was it necessary to always wait for the timer to reach zero for it to unlock and open? Not entirely, after a few years the time blocking system was added to other types of opening in case of emergencies. These had something called as “Combined bypass” that served as a secret combination that was only known by the company that gave the time lock (the bank staff could not know).

What was generating this bypass? Being able to open the vault (without the need for the time lock) in case a mishap occurred and it could not be opened, even avoiding the forced ways to open the vault in case it was locked.

Although it was thought that, if the combined blockade company was the only one that knew this secret combination, in the same way it could fall into the wrong hands and the theft could be committed very easily.

Electronic combination with delay and time lock

Its function is to be able to establish in addition to a time lock as well as a delay in the opening. This characteristic makes it stand out before the different types of lock latch systems, since it makes it more secure.

This type of system is widely used in businesses and banks that need to protect their assets with greater interest. They serve two functions:

  • Programmable opening delay: Your delays are set between 0 and 99 minutes. Who uses this feature? Mostly financial entities such as banks or insurers, in that case, any establishment that keeps an immense amount of money.

In addition to this, it must have a record of images (by law) and recordings that therefore must be guarded.

  • Time lock: Its main characteristic is that it ends up being programmed to establish a time where it cannot be opened, you even have to wait for it to open by itself since you cannot use codes or any other way to open it before.

This type of system is commonly used both in jewelry stores and in gold sales, bingo halls and similar establishments.

Now that you know what the combination lock systems for time delay used in vaults or electronic safes are about, you should know that both must comply with established standards and these vary depending on the country, since most are used for trade or Bank entities.

S&G Time delay Combination Lock Same size

S&G Time delay Combination Lock Same size

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