> What are fire doors for?

What are fire doors for?

Do youTired of having just a plain boring wooden door that doesn’t give you any protection or security at the time of a robbery or a fire? Perhaps it is time to start a new remodeling of your house and above all I misguided that old door from the last century and turn your house into another place sure.

The fire doors They are a boom in the life of interior decorators, not only for being pretty and elegant, but also for being super safe and able to withstand tragedies like a fire.

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Do I need a fire door in my home?

The answer to this is most likely a resounding yes, since the fire doors They are very efficient to have a safe and fashionable home, there is a wide variety of models, colors and materials that adapt to the needs of the clients and that offers them security at the same time.

We can find fire doors made of various materials such as metal, wood or glass, it sounds strange since these materials are highly altered by fire, but there is the fabulous thing about these doors, they are ideal for places such as shopping centers or for homes, where you can there is the risk of a fire.

Fire doors As their name implies, they are specialized to cut fire or divert it, preventing it from spreading in the room and smoke and fire from going through a compartment, allowing more time to take escape routes, and to be able to search for oxygen and air.

They are specialized so that people can easily leave the rooms or premises in case of emergency without risk of being burned or the door catching fire and closing them in the room, that is why in many places doors with resistant acronyms are seen. RF fire.

It is very common to see these doors in shopping centers with good structures and they are usually seen as metal doors, they are capable of withstanding high temperatures for long periods of time. Withstands temperatures from 140 ° to 180 ° degrees, these also prevent toxic gases from the fire from passing to the other part.

Some can withstand temperatures of 360 °, prevent the passage of smoke and gas which in turn avoids running the risk of being poisoned by smoke from the fire, in fact, the greatest cause of death in fires is suffocation or poisoning. .

Fire doors They have resistance levels, some are stronger in this sense, others only serve small fires, but what is certain is that they lengthen the chances of surviving the fire, they must comply with demanding and safety standards, which are the UNE standards. -EN 1634-1.

These are safety rules for the use of fire fighting objects, and the standards that each must meet in order to be in homes or businesses. Currently, these doors are required to have a compartment, which functions as a barrier or shield against fire, this prevents the fire from spreading to the rooms or passing through the doors.

They have a self-closing capacity which gives a lot of security, and also a durability guarantee for 20 years, this guarantees your protection for a certain time, avoiding tragedies. It may never be necessary to use them, no one starts fires just to test the doors, but it never hurts to be forewarned as you never know when this may happen to us.

The fire may start in extraordinary situations where it advances very quickly, and that the door does not resist because it exceeds the temperature levels, even so, it guarantees to delay the fire and its gases long enough to flee the place.

The doors have a self-closing system, they close by themselves every time the door is opened, that is to prevent the fire from starting and entering the room. It is recommended that these doors are never locked with keys so that in emergencies they can be used as an escape route.

For all these reasons you must have a fire door in your home or business.

Fire Doors Information

Fire Doors Information

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