> What do the locks have a split latch for?

What do the locks have a split latch for?

Everyone at home has many locks, but sometimes we do not know how they are composed, making us wonder:What are the locks for?? How their mechanism works, and why they designed them that way.

The point is that everything has a purpose and today we will learn about the latch and its strange way of fitting in to make these indispensable security circuits work, so you don’t need to be a locksmith to know about locks.

Origin of locks

To understand a little more about this topic we are going to delve into the main components of a lock, in this way we can understand so that the locks have the broken latchThis, although it seems simple, is an important factor for its proper functioning.

We must bear in mind that a bolt and a latch are two different things but their sole function is to keep our belongings safe.

Now, the first models of latches were created in China and a large part in Greece, with the passage of time they have been perfected reaching what we know today as locks.

What is the latch?

It is one of the fundamental parts of a lock and can only be removed by a key that belongs to and fits into the lock cylinders. it has a kind of teeth in which the mother key fits.

In the second part of the lock there are slots into which the latch falls and remains static until the moment the key is inserted, this part is very valuable since without it the latch will not be able to perform its function.

However, locks have broken latchWell, in order to provide double security since instead of a latch you will have two. The use of the split latch it is implemented from the moment the lock picks were able to open.

This latch has the peculiarity of having a single divided piece or a piece with several teeth, these fit perfectly in the guards of a lock. These are of vital importance since they prevent the movement of the latch if it is not for the master key.

This has been the most widely used implement in recent years due to its safety capability in a compact and accessible form.

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Although we already know an important part of locks, it is good to know that there are other types of locks in which the split latch.

We have the combination lock, this use the split latch to generate a single way of opening and makes it impossible to open with wire or picks.

There is also the lock with two latches, it offers more security due to the fact that depending on the turn of the keys the broken latch comes out twice. This greatly protects and prevents any attempted breach of security.

However, there is a lock that is totally anti-bumping, since it has been specially designed for places that need maximum security, and is known as the European profile lock, these can only be used with specific keys that instead of fitting in teeth it has pressure points.

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/LVEkkOjAlZgaP5nUX6dHow82FolGbP2lExxaqT3FyWSEYq-tTam_hgy7a35c7e-aowuQyxtBfdbGGyXavBX3qrRXpf-ewBsivEQUxrXpf-wBsivO7UxrXpf-ewBzud27UxrXmyDWSSIVZA7UxvDUXXmyImportance of maintaining a lock

Like any mechanism, it requires specific maintenance on which its proper functioning depends. Since in some cases its deficit prevents it from exercising optimum security.

Locksmiths are people who know each part of a lock and could disassemble and assemble it without any problem, in them we can trust ours. Remembering that each piece works together and as in any circuit if one fails, everything else will fail.

In the case of split latch locks, there can be no fault since it is a direct circuit with no margin for error, and a bad gauge of the latch can put your safety, that of your personal and family assets at risk.

In conclusion, since its invention the lock has been one of the greatest security innovations and has evolved to cover all needs, not all doors have the same lock and some seem very simple, but each one has its own key pattern , as well as its own mechanism.

Prefer to split latch locks It is your best option without a doubt, to be able to protect your personal property and your family members.

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