> What is safer to leave the key in or remove it

What is safer to leave the key in or remove it

The constant search for new methods to increase security of our homes, has led us to create tactics in order to protect our families and belongings. Possibly one of the questions we ask ourselves most frequently throughout the day is Did I lock the door?; since we are very concerned about the state in which we leave our home and it is no wonder. These enclosures are our places of rest, where we feel at peace, tranquility and we share with our loved ones.

Therefore, our homes should always be as safe as possible. But even if it is our greatest wish, sometimes we don’t have the resources necessary to increase security levels. Sometimes it is quite difficult to have the budget for a new security lock, a alarm system or video intercom. This leads us to search methods that give us a little extra protection, to sleep every night with the greatest serenity possible.

From one of these ideas arises the approach that establishes that, leaving the key in the cylinder makes it invulnerable; but is this hypothesis really true? If you are wondering if it is safer to leave the key in or remove it, read on and discover the truth:

Leaving the key in the lock: Is it really a foolproof technique?

It was formerly believed that leaving the key in the cylinder would make the door was impenetrable. This custom has spread over the decades between different generations, but many wonder what is your degree of veracity.

Logic makes us reason that if our key is placed on the inner side of the cylinder, no one will be able to place another from the outside and that even if it did, your key will not be able to turn
because ours occupies the interior space. In this same vein, we think that a criminal will not be able to insert any tool
in the lock because our key is there; therefore nothing will be able to turn the lock mechanism and the door cannot be opened.

These generalized theories of the popular imagination have been around the minds of many people around the world for decades. This is because previously it was customary leave the keys in for convenience, but then the idea morphed into a standard security measure.

Watch out! The types of locks are also important

The custom of leaving the keys inside the lock arises, due to the belief that this action brings positive effects on home security; But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In homes with cylinder locks, the action of leaving or removing the key does not present no significant change in safety. So in fact, it can be taken as a completely indifferent act.

In the case of Borjas key locks, this action will obtain a result, but not the desired one. Leaving the key inside the cylinder could be a huge security risk of the property and its residents. This is because, when we leave Borjas’s key at the door, we are leaving the code exposed
Of the same; so the criminal could manipulate the key and finally open the door.

On the other hand, in some modern locks; inserting the key, turning it, and leaving it in the crossed position could slightly increase the level of protection. But it is necessary to point out that if a intruder wishes to enter the house, it will. Either using magnets, wires or any other means to remove the key from the cylinder.

Precautions and consequences of leaving the key in

Besides potential security issues that can be generated by leaving the key inside the lock; It should be noted that it is not a good idea from a more orthodox point of view either. The locks are systems that we use daily and therefore, they are constantly working, weighing the inclement weather, the passage of time, the lack of maintenance and the accumulation of dust or dirt.

Few owners go to the trouble of regularly maintain your locks, so many times the task of locking or unlocking a door is difficult. To this we must add that, leaving the keys inside day after day only multiplies the probabilities that in the medium or long term, the lock gets stuck, get old, wear out your internal functioning system, suffer problems and other inconveniences.

In short, leaving the keys inside the lock can not only increase the chances of success for criminals; but also, it will harm the health of the lock.

So… Is it okay to leave the keys in the lock?

There are many factors that intervene, so that this action generate more disadvantages that benefits. It is not only the possible problems in the health of the lock or the probability that a thief will turn the key that is placed on the internal side and finally open the door. But also, in case of an accident inside the home and another inhabitant tries to open the door with a copy of his key, he will not be able to do so. So this would be forced to have to call a locksmith or worse, the fire department in case it was an emergency.

In conclusion, if you want an unspoken answer on whether or not to leave the key inside the cylinder it is: no. Protect your family, your home and yourself by acquiring a protective shield, a new high security lock or an alarm system. But do not leave it to a popular belief, the safety of your family.

Key Stuck In Lock? Try This Easy Solution!

Key Stuck In Lock? Try This Easy Solution!

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