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What is the best safety light bulb

Replacing our old traditional cylinder with a more modern and safe option is the best option to protect our spaces from crime. In recent years, express robberies have greatly increased their number of victims. This situation leads us to the need to change our locks and light bulbs, for ones that guarantee adequate protection.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the security bulb that we decide to buy must be compatible with our door; For this we will have to look at the manufacturer’s instructions and the characteristics of the door. Another detail that we must pay close attention to is that, when buying the bulb, it must be with anti-lock, anti-bumping, anti-breakage, anti-extraction and anti-drilling technology; in addition to the UNE-EN 1330 certification.

On the other hand, when trying to buy the new security bulb, you might find that your lock is not of a European profile, so you will probably have to pay a little more money for the cylinder. Something similar happens with armored doors, in which we will have to find a compatible security light bulb. In this case, the most appropriate is to identify the model of the lock and locate a brand that manufactures compatible security cylinders.

Ranking: What is the best security bulb

There is an incredible variety of models of security light bulbs, of different brands. Each of these has been created from a system that seeks to offer users a maximum level of protection against all the techniques used by thieves to commit crimes. Next, we will give you a list of what we consider are the best security bulbs on the market:

1. TESA Assa Abloy TK153030L

Price: € 74.41 EUR.

This safety light bulb is ranked # 1, making it the best light bulb of the year. All this is thanks to the various characteristics that make it stand out among its peers. Which are:

  • Anti-pick, anti-bumping, anti-break and anti-extraction protection system; with certification of the UNE-EN 1303 standard.
  • Withstands up to 200,000 opening cycles.
  • It is double clutch, brass and with a long cam.
  • Includes 5 ergonomically designed, narrow, long-neck keys. To duplicate the keys, it is necessary to present the property card.
  • The bulb is protected against breakage, thanks to the fact that it has a tempered steel bar inside.
  • It is compatible with access control locks, by installing an RFID chip in the key.

2. TESA Assa Abloy T6553030L

Price: € 18,76 EUR.

This other TESA model stands out for the incredible protection it is capable of providing, for a small price. Among its best features we have:

  • The TESA T60 30 × 30 security bulb.
  • It is made of brass.
  • It has a 15mm long cam.
  • It has 6 bolts loaded to the dock.
  • Includes 5 ergonomically designed keys.
  • It has an anti-bumping and anti-drill protection system. It also complies with the UNE-EN 1303 certification.


Price: € 125.17 EUR.

Although it is at # 3 in our ranking, the MAUER model NW5 bulb is considered the best security bulb 2020 according to the experts. You may wonder why it is not first? It is quite simple, because its price is higher in relation to the TESA.

This light bulb has so many premium features that it will be very difficult for you to finally choose one to install on your door. Let’s know then, what makes it stand out from the rest:

  • It has 3-star SKG approval, the highest class.
  • It has EN-1303 certification; with security grade 6, the highest of its kind.
  • It has a unique anti-breakage protection system, a patented system for securing rotors with the cam. In addition, it is anti-bumping, anti-drilling and anti-extraction.
  • 62mm double clutch design. 31 + 31 long cam. Patented as the best cylinder on the market.
  • It has 5 anti-lock steel bolts, 4 regatta elements, 8 key detection bolts and ring.
  • It resists 1500kg of extraction and up to 30Nm of breakage.
  • Includes 5 ergonomic narrow neck nickel silver keys, which can only be copied with the indirect code security card.
  • Withstands more than 150,000 opening cycles.
  • Available in nickel plated and brass finish.
  • Supports more than 20 million permutations.
  • Possibility of equalization and training.

4. Lynx 653030N

Price: € 49.43 EUR.

In a ranking with the best security bulbs, the Lince brand cannot be missed. Considered one of the best in the world, in the manufacture of security devices for enclosures.

This particular model has an excellent value for money, making it a really attractive option if you don’t have such a big budget, and you want to install a light bulb of the highest category. Let’s check its best attributes:

  • It has 4 double steel bars in the body to make this bulb anti-drill.
  • It has 2 double bars of cemented steel in the rotor.
  • It has 8 3.5mm stainless steel bolts; with which it is perfectly anti-bumping and anti-picking.
  • The morphological design of the pins additionally prevents the lock picks from being used.
  • It is 50% more resistant than other similar options on the market.
  • Thanks to a robust integrated steel bar, this bulb is anti-breakage. This characteristic is able to avoid bending or twisting of the cylinder.

5. TESA Assa Abloy 35x35mm

Price: € 45.37 EUR.

This high security light bulb made of brass, completes our ranking of the best security light bulbs; thanks to its ability to provide so many benefits at a fairly low price. TESA has patented the security system that allows cylinder owners to install and control duplicates of their keys at all times, as well as cylinders that keep the same combination. Among the best features of this bulb we have:

  • Protection system against the methods most used by crime: breaking, bumping and lock picks.
  • It is certified under the UNE-EN 1303 standard.
  • Withstands up to 100,000 opening cycles.
  • Its patented cylinder is a flat key and includes 6 bolts attached to the spring, as well as a 15mm long cam.
  • Includes 5 patented ergonomic long neck keys. To make copies of it or of the cylinders, the property card must be presented.
  • It has a double anti-break protection: reinforced steel bar and fuse-type slot.

All the models that we have brought you with this ranking are capable of offering you a maximum level of protection against crime. To choose, it is best that you consider the characteristics of the space where it will be installed, in addition to the door and the budget you have. Finally, consider additionally installing a security shield on your bulbs as a way to add an extra layer of protection; the best on the market belong to the Lince brand.

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