> What is the safest lock in 2022

What is the safest lock in 2022

We have started a new year and this only means one thing: new safety devices baking. If your New Year’s goals include protecting your home better against possible crime attacks, the first thing on your list should be choose a new lock. If you wonder What is the safest lock in 2022?Do not worry, we will answer your question below.

The first thing you should know is that there is no lock that is 100% invulnerable, but there are models that provide a level of security and protection that border on perfection. There are many types of lock on the market; 2021 was the year of anti-bumping, which provides excellent degrees of protection against multiple breach techniques. But a new year has arrived and it seems that the invisible will be the solution to all problems. If you want to know which is the safest lock of the year, keep reading.

Invisible locks: The solution against crime

Technology constantly seeks to suppress the inconveniences that afflict us day after day, in order to facilitate the free development of our activities. A few years ago, Schlage Nexia considered how it could prevent criminals from tampering with key entry holes, and its solution was simple but effective: it decided completely eliminate the use of braces, manufacturing a lock with a touch panel that opens by combination.

Although digital locks are not related to invisible models, they follow the same resolution method: remove the main problem from the equation. Invisible locks present a highly viable and secure option to prevent theft, thanks to the fact that do not allow criminals to open doors using any hitherto known method.

This type of lock features multiple benefits, as they are very easy to install and are perfect for quickly increasing the security of a home or business. Due to its composition, no need to remove the traditional lock have our door installed; so we can combine both locks as a super joint protection.

Nowadays, criminals possess a large repertoire of tricks to enter both homes and commercial establishments. According to police sources more than 80% of robberies perpetrated are carried out after applying the bumping technique; which is not only highly effective, but leaves no trace; Although they can also use alternative methods such as the use of picks, drilling or extraction of the cylinders.

Each of the security breach methods can be discarded after installing an invisible lock. Because thieves have no way of knowing that one of these locks is installed behind the door. Additionally, they also do not have access to it; so that no access, no breach method.

Benefits of Invisible Locks

This lock model can be installed on any type of door, whether made of wood, reinforced, forged or armored. What is really essential is that it be installed in the inside of the door. In any case, you will be able to provide the highest level of protection; so you will obviously feel calmer after leaving home.

Once installed, you will notice how it is impossible to guess from the outside that this lock exists. So, as we just mentioned, it will be impossible for a thief to manipulate its opening.

Consider the following example: Suppose you install your new invisible lock and decide not to remove the traditional one, so that it can be seen from the outside. If a thief wants to rob your house, he will proceed to break the traditional lock, because it is the one he sees. He will use the method of his choice as a means of opening your door. Once this is done, you will try to turn the knob and notice that the door still cannot be opened. After frustrating his plan, he will flee the place before being seen; so your home will be completely safe.

How do you open an Invisible Lock?

Maybe you’ve been asking yourself this question for a long time, and you have nothing to worry about. The invisible locks they use a small remote control to open, similar to the one we use in our cars. Like any command, this is responsible for sending a signal to the electronic system of the lock to proceed to unlock the door; in this way, only people who have one will be able to open it.

These locks use encrypted codes, which are automatically updated every so often. Therefore, even if it is a very skilled criminal, it will be really difficult for him to violate the security of the system. On the other hand, depending on the model you decide to buy, you can bring a built-in alarm; This emits a closing and opening verification that allows to know if the door is going to open or not.

Almost entirely, the invisible locks run on long-lasting batteries. These typically last for several months and will issue an alert when they need to be recharged. In case you did not recharge the battery, the lock will be locked in accessible mode; with which you can open the door without complications.

Remock Lockey Pro RLP4G: The best Invisible Lock on the market

If you have made the decision to buy an invisible lock for your home, you must choose the best one and that is why we bring you the Remock Lockey Pro RLP4G. This lock has an extremely simple installation system and works thanks to the use of 2 AA batteries, with a duration of approximately 1 year.

Lockey Pro is committed to a strong, safe and top quality lock; capable of providing the level of protection we would expect from the safest lock of 2020. It uses a thick double instructive system to ensure your home or business very efficiently. Another detail to take into account is that, if we have the lock linked to our smartphone through Bluetooth and we lose it; We can unlock the door through voice commands.


  • Easy installation.
  • It simply adapts to any type of door.
  • Intelligent energy management system.
  • It does not need outside power.
  • It is invulnerable with traditional methods.
  • It has different opening methods in case of loss of the smartphone, remote control or battery depletion.
  • The batteries last quite a long time.
  • Affordable price: € 199 EUR.
  • Quality of materials.
  • High resistance


  • Possible security flaws if you lose your mobile device.
  • Use batteries.

Today, invisible locks are the safest that we can install on our doors. They are inaccessible to criminals from the outside, so they will not be able to use any of their usual methods. Additionally, they are really difficult to hack; so that our home, business or office will be protected at all times.

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