> What to know about economic alarms

What to know about economic alarms

We all want to feel safe and calm, in the comfort of our home. When we go to bed, we go to work, we go on vacation or if we leave the children alone at home; know that everything will be safe once we close the doors.

Unfortunately, in recent years the wave of insecurity that is sweeping many countries has spread. Such events force us to have a good alarm system that allows us to enjoy the quality time we share with our loved ones, while away from home.

Due to increasing insecurity, the installation of alarm systems has increased cconsiderably. The problem is that it is not always easy to pay the monthly fees for the systems that connect to the Alarm Receiving Centers; so it is necessary to resort to cheaper alternatives to feel safe.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to protect our home while saving money; all thanks to the alarms low cost. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about economic alarms, what they consist of and the best available on the market. We invite you to continue reading!

What is an economic alarm?

Low-cost alarms, also known as “no-fee alarms” or “property alarms”; are the ones that your matrix device is not connected to a central monitoring station. Therefore, if it were to activate after the intrusion of a criminal or a false positive; no agent would come to check the security of the home.

You may find that cheap alarms are dodgy and that they will not fulfill their function, but in fact they execute it flawlessly. Thanks to the technology with which they are designed, in the event of any security breach, the alarm will immediately send a notification to the user through their mobile; for it to act accordingly.

Comparison: Economic alarms vs Payment alarms

As we just pointed out, low-cost alarms are not connected to a server external. So before a possible intrusion, you will be in charge of checking if something really happens at home and if it is necessary to call the authorities.

The advantage beyond the great monetary savings, is that the response is immediate. 1 or 2 seconds may elapse between activating the alarm, sending the notification and receiving it; so the response capacity grows exponentially, thanks to not having intermediaries at work.

On the other hand, if we hire the services of an alarm system by installments; the capacity of Response can be shortened by up to 1 minute. In these cases, after activation of the alarms in the home, the matrix will send the notification to the Alarm Receiving Center; in which, your workers will proceed to make a phone call to the home to check that everything is in order. In many cases, these calls have saved lives and homes; since the professionals proceed to call the authorities before any indication of danger, doubt or scattered signals that the interlocutors may emit.

Although CRA alarms present great advantages related to the response system; it is also true that under undetected duress or slightly slower attention time; misfortune may not be contained on time.

In conclusion, both types of alarms have advantages and disadvantages. But, like any protection system, everything will depend on the characteristics of the intrusion itself.

TOP 4: The best low-cost alarms on the market

If you have decided to install an alarm without fees at home, it is best to compare the different alternatives available on the market. Although they all fulfill the function of protecting your home and warning if a security breach occurs; they do it with small distinctions. Keep reading and discover what are the best economic alarms and their characteristics:

Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security

The best alternative comes from the hand of Samsung; The South Korean giant recently launched its own alarm system and it has quickly become a consumer favorite as one of the best services available in its category.

We are talking about the Samsung ADT Home Security, a tool belonging to the SmartThings line that will monitor your home when you are away. This device is capable of sending precise information about detected movements, water leaks and the opening of doors and windows. The application supports pairing with particular surveillance cameras, so you will have two services just by buying one. The Samsung ADT has a total value of € 249 EUR.

Chuango G5

This is a great alternative for those homes that do not have an internet connection. Usually, alarms low cost They work by connecting to the home network of the home through Wifi; so the Chuango G5 is a perfect alternative for places like beach houses, cabins or secluded farms.

This alarm will allow you to monitor your home remotely, without any problem. In addition, it has a siren of more than 100db that you can activate in the event of any suspicious activity. Additionally, it has the incredible price of € 158 EUR; making it the most accessible option on this list.

Wattio HD Kit

Another great alternative to low-cost alarms is the Wattio high definition security kit. This alarm works with a system very similar to the one developed by Samsung, although with the small difference that it allows us to monitor our home through a high definition camera. Like the Chuango G5, this model has a siren that we can activate whenever we consider it appropriate. Which is presented as a great ally to drive away undesirable invaders. The total value of the Wattio HD kit is € 264 EUR.


This alternative comes directly from France; a country that in recent years has been incredibly plagued by crime. For this reason, the MyFox company has developed this low-cost alarm model, perfect to guard the safety of its inhabitants, while they decide to relax away from home.

The most notable difference of this service, in relation to the previous ones is that; MyFox carries out the alarm responses automatically. This means that the user You do not need to constantly monitor the application, so you can enjoy your time peacefully. The value of the MyFox is € 199 EUR.

When choosing the alarm for your home, study the needs of the home, its residents and the most outstanding characteristics of each alarm model; since some will fulfill some functions better than others. On the other hand, consider setting all mobile devices available in the home to alarm; in this way the potential notifications will reach all members of the family.

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