> Which is the most difficult lock to pick

What is the most difficult lock to pick

One of the best decisions we can make in our lives is to protect our homes or businesses from crime. Today, thieves have developed multiple ways to break locks of the doors, which forces us to take action and have to install locks that really protect our most precious assets

Currently, there is a wide variety of locks that offer great benefits and levels of security; the one that we present to you at this moment, is considered as the more difficult lock to pick, thanks to its design, materials and arrangement. If you want to know more about it, keep reading!

Kaba Expert Plus: The most difficult lock to pick

Kaba has taken the best features of its previous locks, when designing the Expert Plus high security cylinder. This offers a highly effective locking system, against possible attacks from thieves. This lock is certified, patented and approved; which means that if a criminal tries to enter your home or business, it will be almost impossible.

Features of the Kaba Expert Plus lock:

Thanks to its fantastic design features, this lock is considered the most difficult to pick that we can find on the market today. Next, we will bring you the details that make it so special:

  • It has the EN-1303 certification in its maximum degree.
  • This cylinder is anti-bumping, anti-picking, anti-drilling, anti-breaking and anti-extraction.
  • It is made with materials of the highest quality, durability, strength and robustness.
  • It has high resistance against external attacks carried out with brute force.
  • The keys are designed in such a way that they have a low level of wear and a high degree of security.
  • You have a property card, which is essential to duplicate the keys.
  • It has 95.1 billion possible combinations, making it extremely safe.
  • It is available in inner knob, double clutch, nickel and heel versions.
  • The technology of this lock is patented until the year 2033.

Strengths of the Kaba Expert Plus lock

The essential requirement that we all set ourselves when choosing a lock is that it provides maximum protection and security to the site where we install it. In this case, our intention is to have a lock that is difficult to force, and after knowing the characteristics of the Expert Plus, we can have an idea about what are the advantages of having one of these on our main doors. Let us know below, the strengths of this lock:

  • Totally anti-bumping: About 80% of home burglaries occur through the bumping method, which consists of breaking the lock using a nine-nine-nine-nine key. When installing a Kaba Expert Plus, you won’t have to worry about bumping anymore as it is completely bump proof.
  • Protection against extraction, drilling and twisting: Not only is this lock strong against bumping, it also provides excellent protection against thieves’ other favorite methods such as extraction, drilling and twisting.
  • Key opening from inside and outside: Perfect in case you or a member of your family is used to leaving the key inside the keyhole. The Expert Plus allows you to turn the rotor to open the door, even under this situation.
  • Top-level materials: A hard-to-pick lock must be made of first-rate materials; that they are capable of withstanding the inclement weather for years, and that they withstand the attempted attacks of criminals. A security lock must tolerate multiple attacks of various types without losing strength.
  • Includes 5 keys: Kaba has included a total of 5 keys to open the Expert Plus lock, enough to be distributed among members of a large family or workers in the property. The quantity makes it possible not to have to make copies a priori or, in this case, that they are few; since they will usually be enough for the business or for the whole family.
  • Affordable price: This high security lock has a fantastic value for money; which presents consumers with a great alternative for those who want to significantly increase the security of the main doors of their homes or businesses.

Considerations before buying a Kaba Expert Plus lock

Before acquiring one of these locks, you should take into consideration a couple of details that will avoid possible upsets. You have to make sure that the dimensions of the lock perfectly fit your door hole; otherwise, you will have to open it more or do docking work. Which could result in the lock not doing its job properly.

Another very important detail to take into account is that the cylinder packaging must come perfectly sealed. Remember that there is the property card, which will identify you as the owner of the lock and therefore, it will be the card that allows you to make copies of the key. If the packaging is open or shows signs of tampering, the security of the lock could be compromised.

Installing a Kaba Expert Plus lock

The installation of this lock does not turn out to be as simple as if it were another cylinder, since its European profile is especially crafty; but this does not mean that it turns out to be such a complex task that you have to call a professional.

To install it, all you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter and take the time to make sure everything is okay. This task will take only 3 minutes, if you have already installed a lock in the past. Additionally, for its installation you will only need a screwdriver.

Where to buy a Kaba Expert Plus lock?

If you have gotten excited and decided to buy one of these locks for your home, business or office; you can choose from many places to buy it. If you want to make the purchase from the community of your home and not have to worry about anything, you can make your purchase through Amazon. Not only will you get the best price on the market, but will come to the door of your house. If you are more traditional, you can visit the locksmith shops in your city; you will surely find the Kaba Expert Plus in the high security section.

Price range

Unlike other models of locks, the Kaba Expert Plus has several versions of the same cylinder; the only difference being the material used in its manufacture. Within the price range we have:

  • Kaba Expert Plus Brass Cylinder 30 × 50 € 122.30 EUR.
  • Kaba Expert Plus Brass Cylinder European model with 3 keys € 135.00 EUR.
  • Kaba Expert Plus extreme protection 30 × 30 Nickel cylinder € 140.00 EUR.
  • Kaba Expert Plus BSZ cylinder with 6 keys and 6 guarantees for 5mm € 208.85 EUR.

This lock has become one of the
best options on the market
, due to the high level of security that it can confer on the doors in which they are installed, as well as the security felt by consumers after their purchase.

Thanks to its multiple benefits and security features, it is a fundamental ally capable of successfully combating robbery attempts by thieves. Don’t hesitate and protect your home!

A Pick Proof Master Lock? ALMOST!

A Pick Proof Master Lock? ALMOST!

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